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Worth “Mike Vick pt 2”

So this is a diss track from Worth or Worth Whyle to Mista Scrap, Greenhouse Houligans and Truth Be Told…… Listen then scroll down for my comments… Please listen first…. 

so that just happened… you’re thinking “I wasted 7 minutes of my life on that”….. yes well think of it like this… I listened to it 3 times … while my legs went numb sitting on the toilet at work… speaking of the toilet thats exactly where this song belongs… not one “ohh shit” bar in 7 minutes? Not even a “ok that jab was light but its still a jab” …. only thing lyrically ill credit him for is mentioning SirFresh and “I go all in at my events” because SirFresh’s company is “All In Events”…. so props for that and the other stuff. By other stuff I mean the beat selection, the movie/TV samples used… give this all to someone who can rap on beat and write bars that would at least impress my 8 year old and we might have something…. Part 1 was trash and I didnt beleive it could get worse but it did…. heres a list of things I would rather do than hear this song ever again:
pass a kidney stone through my pee hole
Give birth
suffer the same fate as the dogs in Mike Vick’s Virginia House
listen to a Greenhouse Houligans response
and finally see this battle take place in person….(think bum fights reloaded)

few things to point out here… he mentioned his brother saying he (Worth) was a beast or something… he only said that because you share DNA…
rehab isnt funny…. not sure who that was in ref to maybe you or someone else? either way its whack!
going to county more times than others is lame… its cold, it smells the food is bad and the people are worse….

Scrap, Truth, and most importantly GHH DO NOT RESPOND!!!! This battle much like Lebron’s hairline are done for…. one last bit of advice Worth…. focus on booking/promoting events…. stop making videos, stop makin music and releasing it to the public…. still record shit go ahead and record music videos if you so desire just keep them locked in a folder on an external hard drive that only you have access to….

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brandonw • September 1, 2015

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