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ViewManiac.com was founded by Kevin Floyd & Adam Jonathan in 2006. View Maniac is a digital marketing agency offering record label quality marketing services to musicians and record labels worldwide. With 7 years of major label experience they have worked under top 5 labels including Def Jam. Interscope, Warner, Epic and Sony. They have helped many artists break through such as Tinashe, Mac Miller, Jhene Aiko, Iggy Azalea & more. They have over 5 billion views generated from their marketing campaigns and have worked on over 10 multi platinum projects in the last 8 years including their latest success with Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer.

View Maniac opened their services to indie artists and labels so they can help give the same opportunity to all independent artists. They felt strongly that Indie artists are left in the dark and there are not many angles besides uploading music to social media sites. View Maniac changed the game and disrupted the music industry forever. Not only do they offer the same level of quality as the majors but they have the pro level experience to build a brand in the proper steps.

Most indie artists have talent but have no idea how to execute that talent or build leverage within their brand and this is the major key. Timing is everything and understanding when to press play on certain moves could make or break a brand. “Biggest lesson we learned from major labels is the timing of certain things and when to incorporate PR and when to take a brand public. It’s not wise to just throw a ton of music out to the wolves and see who bites. You need to play the game and think smarter and think ahead.” Directly from Kevin Floyd (CEO)

Viewmaniac.com will set you apart from the rest. They will help develop the brand strategy that you need for your career. They will develop your branding and optimize your channels making it easy for people to find you in the search engines. They will run marketing campaigns driving in attention to your newest project. When your brand is ready for VEVO they distribute and publish your videos on the biggest platforms worldwide. Once your brand is ready to go public they will place your video on national television channels like MTV, BET, FUSE, VH1 and more.

When a brand is established you need to introduce PR to protect the brand for proper expansion. View Maniac will get your social media channels verified while protecting the biggest asset you have built. YOUR REPUTATION!

When your brand is ready for touring we will get you to headline your first tour while setting up fan meet and greets, major magazine publications and more.

View Maniac took care of licensing for some of the biggest artists worldwide and they will hand your content directly to the decision makers at retail outlets such as Old Navy, H&M, Foot Locker, Nike, Adidas etc. Getting your song in rotation in major outlets is a move that every indie artist needs to make. This will create global distribution of your content allowing for major brand awareness.

Viewmaniac.com offers exclusive technology for indie artists that allow for specific fan acquisition, city and zip code targeting, and geo targeting. Some of the biggest labels utilize this technology for their new artists in hopes to drive in a targeted fan base while saving budget money.

Whether you are a producer looking to gain more placements or an artist looking to to sign to a major ViewManiac.com is the platform you need to build your brand.

Distribute your single to over 500 digital stores including Apple Music, Tidal, Shazam, Spotify and more. Keep your royalties and control your career with confidence.

You can contact viewmaniac.com for a custom brand strategy and evaluation for free. They will be really honest when it comes to your content and they do no work with everyone. If they feel they can’t help you they will not start. You can also call them at (866) 705-6651.


Voted #1 Music Marketing Agencies of 2015-2016

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M.Anderson • July 31, 2016

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