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[Trend Setter Tuesday] IM SO BURGH

Trend Setter Tuesday Im So Burgh

Trend Setter Tuesday IM SO BURGH

What is IM SO BURGH ?

Me and my friends always talk about this.  I woke up one morning about 8:30am, and was listening to some music in 2007 going into 2008.  I was trying to draw inspiration for a song I thought would respectfully represent Pittsburgh while also expressing my view and opinion.  I created the song “IM SO BURGH” and from that came the IM SO BURGH shirt.  I wanted the shirt to be high enough quality and have enough of its own character that it could stand alone even without the song, reason being I knew at some point, when it had became successful enough, we would associate it with positive events in the community and for the city.  You can find out a lot more at www.IMSOBURGH.com. We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and available WorldWide.

How’d you begin? What sparked the interest in designing?

I created a song called “IM SO BURGH” in 2007 (Available on iTunes “Plug-Plug”) and from there came the IM SO BURGH shirt.

From where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I like clothing that catches your eye and makes a statement.

Is your line for everyone? What products do you carry?

It’s for everyone who is from or loves Pittsburgh.  We have people who buy babies tees and we have granddaughters who buy themselves one,  AND one for their grandfather. We have many different colors of IM SO BURGH shirts dependent on your specific interest in Pittsburgh events.

Any plans for expanding the line? If so what will be added?

Our line expands with the time and happenings of Pittsburgh.  Right now we are expanding in different ways.  We recently sponsored Kids Little League Baseball to play the season and currently looking for more positive events that will have a long lasting ripple to be involved in.  We want to show our character, and in turn, they will see the true intentions behind the shirt.  Its bigger than a tee.

Is your line available anywhere in any stores? If so where?

No, we are strictly online based at IMSOBURGH.COM.  We hand make every shirt and personally check and ship every shirt to every new member of the “IM SO BURGH” “CLUB”

What separates you from the other clothing lines? How is IM SO BURGH unique?

Here is something else….I wouldn’t say this is a CLOTHING LINE, but more of a CLUB.  Our exclusivity is what ensures our consistent growth because our members are a part of something bigger.  We give back to the community and city and how we conduct business as individuals inside the Middle Class Millionaire structure that, promotes and encourages a certain level of integrity and respect and it shows in our day to day actions and through our product.  Look, nothing is new under the sun, it’s the PEOPLE themselves that paint the unique picture.
Trend Setter Tuesday IM SO BURGH
It seems as though the Music and Fashion industries go hand and hand. We see plenty of recording artists release clothing lines and many brands using artists to promote their product. Is this something you are looking to do?

We are open to many options.

Do you think technology has had an effect on the fashion industry? If so what
Of course!  Technology has had a effect on EVERYTHING.  The ACCESS people have to knowledge and products and assistance holds true for everything including fashion.

Beyond the obvious goal of gaining financially, what is the biggest goal for your line this year?  What about long-term?

Let me tell you…I always say money is a by product of what you are doing as long as its what you love doing or something you stand for.  But our goal is to continue to grow and stay with our long time members and as there family grows, so will the IM SO BURGH family.  Our long term goal is for this shirt to have the same impact on Pittsburgh as a WHOLE, as the Terrible Towel did for Steelers football.

Is there any piece of clothing that you’re excited for the world to see?

We have a LOT of exciting new products at Middle Class Millionaire, but you will just have to wait to see.

Every line has a signature piece Polo & Nautica’s bread and butter has been their 2 button short sleeve oxford shirt. What do you believe yours will be?

It is and ALWAYS will be the BLACK or WHITE IM SO BURGH shirt.  Members who own them often get themselves a new one every 3 moths.

More than anything else how do you want the line to be remembered?

As a quality product from Middle Class Millionaire

Find Hitt @HITTofMCM on Twitter and www.MiddleClassMillionaire.com
Get IM SO BURGH shirts at www.IMSOBURGH.com
Twitter @TheOfficialMCM

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