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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Dream Team Couture

Trend Setter Tuesday Dream Team Couture

 [Trend Setter Tuesday] Dream Team Couture 

Who/what is Dream Team Couture?Where are you based out of? 

Well actually we started Dream Team Couture in 2010. We are based out of Arkansas. When we got started…we wanted a name that would be catchy and something that symbolized/meant greatness…..we knew we wanted it to be something that contained Dream or Dreams….so of course we thought of the 1992 USA Olympic team that include Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Erving and a lot of other greats. It was actually the greatest if not the best Olympic Basketball team to ever play in the Olympic games…….The Couture just came on its own, we needed something sophisticated…..so that’s how Dream Team Couture came about

How did you begin? What sparked the interest in designing?

Well at first we wanted to open a boutique…but back in the day our money wasn’t right…..so we just figured if we wanted to get started and be a part of the whole Hi-End Boutique movement and reach out to people; the best way would be by expressing ourselves through our designs…we learned all the ins and outs and Photoshop…so that’s how we got going….we just fell in love with designing our own stuff and creating different stuff you know!

From where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

Well honestly we just have a love for clothes in general,…..but particularly different stuff…..you know exclusive clothing……Me personally (Cooks), I like how people react when I wear certain things…and also the underground music scene right now…..it’s kind of like being in a secret society or a FRAT……because only a certain group of people know about hi-end boutique clothing brands…..and at the end of the day we  just like designing clothes that’s not the average everyday designer NORM! We got our own system and do our own thing…..so that’s our inspiration.

Is your line for everyone? What products do you carry?

Well anybody can wear our clothes….but we currently cater more to men and a few women who have an idea about what we’re about…..Normally if women purchase a shirt from us, they usually just buy a Small or Medium……but no doubt though, we’re currently trying to get fitted shirts for women and T-shirts for toddlers. We want all the Dreamers to be Happy! We want to cater to everybody LOL…it just takes a little time to get everything in order and figure out what people want. We have an assortment of things….but currently on the site we have T-Shirts & Crewnecks
Trend Setter Tuesday Dream Team Couture
Any plans for expanding the line? If so what will be added?

Yea, definitely…..in the upcoming weeks…we’ll be dropping Beanies & Long sleeve shirts……the long sleeves will be new designs, and maybe a Smoke Loud, Kick Clouds long sleeve since that’s our most popular shirt. We’ll also be adding coach jackets and hoody’s as well.

Is your line available in any stores? If so where? What about a website?

Yea definitely, we’re currently in Timebomb and Sneaker Politics Boutique’s, but we want to let everyone know that we’ll be in almost every boutique in the upcoming weeks….we’re just redoing our line sheet at the moment since we’re adding new products….but you can always hit up our website
DREAM TEAMCOUTURE.BIGCARTEL.com you’ll find all our products there no matter what.

What separates you from the other clothing lines? How is (Dream Team Couture) unique?

We just try to design clothes for everybody…..we like to get adulterated with our designs…meaning there’s no limits…we have concepts for all our designs….Dream Team Couture is NOT SOLELY ABOUT DREAMS……..When we came up with the name we wanted it to have limitless meanings…a lot of brands don’t last because they have no concepts…so all in all that’s our way of keeping things fresh without going over the limit or too far…..that’s how we separate our brand from other brands…another thing is, I think we cater to people who get down with doing their own thing and like doing things different…Some people don’t always like shopping at the mall you know….and some people like wearing Polo and on some days they might want to wear something different!  And again, that’s what we provide, something new, not the average everyday designer NORM!

It seems as though the Music and Fashion industries are like brother and sister now. We see plenty of recording artists release clothing lines and many brands using artists to promote their product. Is this something you are looking to do?

Yea definitely, we currently sponsor Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Mac Miller…we also sponsor an artist called Kaddie Lak who’s up and coming in the underground rap game. Honestly, if we feel that you can be beneficial to Dream Team Couture, you have that certain spunk that we like and can cater to the underground kicked up feet on the terrace movement. We’ll usually show love!
Trend Setter Tuesday Dream Team Couture
Do you think technology has had an effect on the fashion industry? If so what?

Well of course, for instance like IPod’s…people wouldn’t hear about certain brands that artist advertise……but they do…simply because of the music that’s relayed through they’re IPod’s and earphones….also without computers and phones, people wouldn’t be able to view websites, products, or information that’s relayed via blogs……Boutiques and Clothing Brands benefit a lot a lot from technology!….it helps out a lot.

In these tough economic times what strategies are you using to keep cash strapped consumers buying?

Well we constantly offer discount codes…and also a lot of the time, customers hit us up inquiring about certain products and sizes…..so we take that opportunity to offer them discounts….we never want to lose a sale, we understand that everybody is being affected by the economy in some kind of way whether you’re rich or poor….we’re human just like everybody else…so we try to work with everybody!

Beyond the obvious goal of gaining financially, what is the biggest goal for your line this year?  What about long-term?

Well our biggest goal this year and next year, is to just get more people familiar with Dream Team Couture….A lot of people know about our brand already, but we want to have the kind of status that Diamond Supply and Crooks-N-Castles have right now or better you know….As far as long term, we just want to keep bringing hot designs…. that’s how you stay afloat…we want Dream Team Couture to be known as one of the best

Every line has a signature piece for example Ralph Lauren’s butter has been their 2 button short sleeve oxford shirt. What do you believe yours will be or already is?

Well, it would have to be our Smoke Loud, Kick Clouds T-Shirt, because in a sense it means you can like my lifestyle or kicks rocks….well at least that’s what it means in my opinion (Cooks)….a lot of people just think it has something to do with Marijuana, but naw…..all our stuff has different meanings…whatever people like or perceive we cool with that…we like that!  That’s why it’s our signature T-Shirt….The motto is very powerful, and with any brand….I think that’s very important…that is, having a signature T-Shirt! Another thing is I think, is that people really seem to embrace that particular design…It has several meanings and expresses a lot….I guess it caters to a lot of people’s personality and lifestyle…..it’s actually pretty DOPE!

More than anything else how do you want the line to be remembered?

We just want people to remember, that Dream Team Couture believed highly in Freedom of Expression and that we provide quality clothing and unlimited designs with limitless meanings….and that we were original and very creative!


Owners: Darryl Cooks (Cooks) and Daniel Bailey (Bailey)
Online Store: Dreamteamcouture.bigcartel.com
Twitter: @Dreamteamgang
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Team-Couture/169398253110350
Email: Dreamteamcouture@gmail.com

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