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[Trend Setter Tuesday] D.BOY Wear


Brainiacs! Happy Tuesday! We were able to catch up with the good folks over at D.Boy Wear & pick their brain for the latest installment of “Trend Setter Tuesday”!

What area is your clothing line based out of? How did it begin? What sparked the interest in designing?

D.BOY Wear is based out of the great state of New York. D.BOY stands for Daniel Brothers OriginalitY.

I cant provide a exact answer to that question. I’ve always been into art & fashion. When i was about 15 i started doing graphic design and this opened up a brand new world of art to me. And the first things i used the skill for was music and fashion. designing shirts, pants & hats. But my resources were limited cause of my age and the regular day life conditions of the low income families struggle with everyday so everything was more of future dreams to me at that time. When i was 20 I was making myself more established and decided i wanted to fulfill that dream once again. 

I can say the spark of interest was the fashion of today. I never liked the fact of everyone wearing the same thing literally. Everyone was walking around with the same Jordan sneakers same Ed Hardy shirts, Gucci, Louis V. I just became tired of the trending fashion that everyone was hooked on so i decided that my clothing was going to be highly limited. I only made 15 of each design that was released. making it hard for everyone to have on the same thing. If there is 50 states in american and only 15 “The American Dream” Crew Neck Sweaters, and one person from 15 states bought it out, there will be no one person in those 15 states that will have it , let alone the other 35 states that wont have it at all. So the clothing kind of becomes your own fashion.


Is your line for everyone? What products do you carry?

I would say its for everyone. i would say its starting to become a unisex clothing brand cause a lot of females have been wearing the clothes that we made in mind for men. So along the way were learning that unisex well be the best route to keep on. As of right now the clothing is simply crew neck sweaters and tee shirts. 

Any plans for expanding the current product line? If so any idea on what new products will be added
Were in the works right now on expanding D.BOY Wear for the summer releases. We plan to have clothing for youth and accessories included in the expansion. But I don’t want to release any details yet but its going to take the bar up a lot higher than the previous release.


What separates your clothing from the other companies? How are you unique?

I would simply say what separates D.BOY Wear & makes us unique is the quantity of the releases. like i said in the beginning, the clothing is highly limited for a reason. we want people to feel unique when they wear it. knowing there is a slim chance that someone will be wearing the same thing they are, let alone based where they are located if they will ever see anyone wearing it at all. it becomes more of a “you thing”. you buy a pair of Jordan’s and everyone and their mothers are wearing the same sneakers the same day. you go out with your boys and all of you are wearing the same ralph lauren polo shirt, yeah it may be popular but your no longer unique. Not including everyone else in the club who got it on that you don’t know.  


We’ve noticed more companies are switching to organic cotton or even hemp, what fabrics are being used in most of your clothing? What do you think about making clothing that is more helpful to the environment?

We have been using cotton for the most part. my manufacturing company said the clothing is 100% organic, which i hope is 100% true. But were looking into using all different types of fabrics on our up and coming releases as in silk, nylon and many more.
 We are 100% behind working towards anything that is going to help the environment and the communities. And cant forget our country. I came from low income homes so anything to help pick up the economy also. We have to help us first.


With the recent economic change people seem to be spending less on newer brands & basically “Going for what they know” in what ways are you attracting semi-nervous & somewhat frugal new buyers?

We Know of the economy struggles and plan to work in between those boundaries. Thats why we make sales every chance we get. We released a big online sale just after 2 weeks of the grand release of D.BOY Wear which included almost up to 50% off everything. And were looking forward to doing more sales just like it.


Price is very important to the consumer especially when they are buying something for the first time. How is a new customer getting their money’s worth when purchasing from you?

The prices we post are fully understandable because of the quantity of clothing thats being released. You can buy a $40 dollar shirt that everyone is going to buy and there may be millions purchased nationwide or you can buy a $25 shirt or $40 sweater that can only be purchaed 15 times nationwide. 


A formula many newer lines use is to give out clothing to celebs in hopes of that celeb actually wearing their brand & it catching on. What do you think of this marketing tactic? Is this something your company does? If so how successful has it been?
That Tactic has been something that we have thought about doing but the clothing is to limited to do. we don’t want to take away the main key that drives us to keep producing the clothing for the people. Would it be nice for us to get that type of exposure? Yes, but were not going to earn it that way. Celebs are regular people and we believe if they like our designs they should pay for it just like everyone else. But We Wouldn’t mind sending a artist merchandise if there was a deal like a commercial, that would be more of an endorsement.


Do you think technology has had an effect on the fashion industry? If so what?
Technology is everything. Back in the day the only way to get your clothing out was to be in a major magazine, big time music video, or having some distribution deal behind it that was going to advertise it. now a days your you need is a computer and a internet source. So I would say it makes a big impact on the fashion industry.

Beyond the obvious goal of gaining financially, what is the biggest goal for your line this year? What about long-term?
 The biggest goal is to have people see what i been seeing in the fashion industry. The repeat of the same thing. I don’t want to bring up Jordan sneakers again but people buy the same thing over and over again cause its what everyone else is getting it. Everyone wants to wear gucci cause its popular, everyone wants to wear Louis V cause its popular. I wouldn’t want everyone to wear D.BOY wear cause its popular, I want them to wear it cause its unique. If i can have the same 15 buyers for every release i would be totally satisfied cause i know only 15 people is gonna have that. 15 people have the chance to be unique when they wear it. But to have 100’s and thousands waiting online to be able to get the first and only 15 designs would be a great feeling cause I would know that there is so many people out there wanting to be unique not only 15.

Every line has a signature piece Ralph Lauren & Nautica’s bread and butter has been their 2 button short sleeve oxford (polo) shirt. What do you believe yours will be? Is there any new piece of  that you’re excited for the world to see?
 Im excited for them to see everything. I wouldn’t say i have a specific piece thats going to be everyones choice but thats not my decision either. That would be for the people to choose.


Did you ever watch the HBO series “How to Make It in America”? If so has it been beneficial to you at all? What are your thoughts overall on the show?

 I never had the chance to see that show. But I’m now looking forward to seeing it and next time we do an interview i would love to give you a better answer on it. 


More than anything else how do you want the line to be remembered?

Two Word “OriginallitY & Unique” 

D.BOY Wear Can Be Purchased At DBOYWEAR.com
Twitter/Instagram @dboyworldwide


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