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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Blasfome Summer Two Lookbook


Pittsburgh, Pa- Blasfome completes its Summer 2012 collection with the release of their Summer 2012 Delivery 2 Lookbook. The summer’s second delivery unveils Blasfome’s Bohemian Grove Baseball League.

“The Bohemian Grove Baseball League is inspired by The Bohemian Grove, a retreat for fat cat business men and world leaders, that includes around 30 camps. I noticed that the names of the camps closely resembled minor league baseball
teams. The childish nature of the names made it the perfect canvas to poke fun at the global decision makers that consistently make us the butt of their jokes and so the BGBL was born. ” States Blasfome owner Dave

Summer 2 features three teams from the BGBL. The Uplifters, The Lost Angels and the Silverado Squatters. Each team in the collection has home, away, and alternate uniform colorways and of course a 3/4 sleeve baseball tee. Baseball hats for each team will also be available through out the summer with the Lost Angels Hat leading the charge.

Blasfome Summer Two is available in-store and now on-line (www.blasfome.com). Readers are encouraged to buy early, as Blasfome limits the amount of printed designs in an effort to keep the brand exclusive.

Download individual phots here:
Blasfome Summer Two Lookbook
Download individual phots here:
Blasfome Summer Two Lookbook

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brandonw • July 10, 2012

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