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[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously”

[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously” Enjoy this new poetry piece from the talented Shalace Moore called “Meticulously”   Oh, i got mored than i asked for, as you found the hidden rock on my shore and for sure meticulously played with it causing a long over due eruption. Consumption of compliments & rumplemintz lead to the confidence…

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[Poetry] “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage” by Ale Gasso Brainiacs enjoy the poem “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage“ by Ale Gasso I know you don’t wanna meet your idols grim and beaten from years too loud an uneven familiarity with the stage feigning memories brought by you…

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[Event] Smash Mouth Poetry Slam

This event requires some explanation.  It all started when Seez Mics gave me a call a few months back and asked if I had any connections for shows in Pittsburgh on October 19th.  Instead of throwing a show we decided we wanted to do something chill at Blasfome.  Weeks went by and we were struggling to…

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[Poetry] Jesse Abundis “Modern Thieves Of Society”

Los Angeles bred poet Jesse Abundis brings you “Modern Thieves Of Society” a peice from his book “Years of Refusal”   (Modern Thieves Of Society )     They scream and shout   They say they speak for God   They are his mouth piece   They judge those around them, with their book in…

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