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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Manish Life Apparel

Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel [BMW] What area is your clothing line based out of? How did it begin? What sparked the interest in designing? Manish Life is based out of the Detroit area. I was called “Manish” often when I was younger because I always wanted to be a grown up too fast….

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Horizons Clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Horizons Clothing [BMW] Who is Horizons? Horizons was established Sept. 2010 by me, Vonchez Graham, Ever since I was in 7th grade I knew designing clothes was what I wanted to do. Horizons is based out of Baltimore, MD. From Baltimore city and Baltimore county. HEYYYY BMORE! haha [BMW] How did you…

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