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Siki Daha ‘Wake Up’ Music Video

Soul/pop Sydney singer/songwriter Siki Daha releases his official ‘Wake Up’ music video.

‘Wake Up’ by nature, is cheerful and an upbeat track which is characterized by warm sounds, prominent vocal harmonies, and sophisticated productions.

“When I wrote this song, I wrote it for other people and in some ways for myself to find a strength within yourself and to know when you wake up each morning that everything is okay and to love yourself first and foremost,” said Siki Daha.

“I wrote it to give people a hope in their heart that each morning when they wake up they are in control and being your own hero and inspiring yourself is always number one!”

Siki effortlessly combines soulful alto vocals with an organic lounge beat, becoming an accomplished performer crafting unique covers and original material into his repertoire.

Siki mixes influences and sounds taken from his travels in Greece, Spain, Turkey and France the album tells the story of love, loss, the trials of life and his mixed heritage.

‘Wake Up’ will feature on his debut album ‘Love or Logic’ due to release October 6th 2015.


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sarac • September 29, 2015

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