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[Picking the Brain] Melody Joy

BMW was able to catch up with the very busy & multifaceted up & coming artist Melody Joy.


[BMW]The Talented Miss Joy…How are you?
Not only did you ask me how i am, but you called me talented. That is pure selfless sweetness. Thank you 🙂 and i am good. Stressed a bit, but the hard parts over with! Can i ask, how are you?? Seriously..

[BMW] How would you describe yourself as a person overall?
I am a unique mixture of my father’s large compassion, and acceptance mixed with my mother’s understanding yet lack of trust in the world. I am a very manic/depressive person. Very anxious, but very carefree. Hypocritical… i admit. Overly happy, overly cognitive. Sad a lot. Cartoony, loud. Outgoing and personable. Life of the party, but always sober. An old soul. Sometimes boyish mannerisms. I’m not very “girly” girl, I’m more of the ballsy “Cher” type rather than the Marylin type. Although i can be both.

[BMW]Your a model, a dancer, a music producer and many other things. But of all your talents  is there one that you enjoy the most?
My Music! Producing, singing, and recording. It takes up a lot of time.. but it gives me the most gratification. I used to want to be a choreographer.. but things kept slowly pushing me to the music thing. Everyone thought i was going to be a choreographer… i was a little Michael Jackson. I had so much swag at 14… you would have never guessed since I’m a little white Italian girl. But my options are always open & to know that i enjoy all and can do all is quite relieving. It means i was born to entertain, and it’s only a matter of time before the puzzle is complete.

[BMW]With everything you’ve done from modeling to producing performing etc, is there something you can say you will never do?
I used to be very against nude modeling. But the more i got into every aspect of art, photography, modeling, and film, i realized its not a big deal. I am probably the least “sexual” person, which is why i wasn’t cool with being naked.. but now i am comfortable, especially with working for Playboy. I completely black out my mind, and make sure that i stay professional, while staying myself. Most people associate being “naked” with being a “slut” but everyone gets naked..it’s a part of life…. and in my personal life, i am the farthest thing from a slut. One things for certain.. i will never do is have sex with a stranger on camera for money (porn).

[BMW]I don’t want to dwell on this topic but I think its important. I saw on Facebook that you started a petition to have a certain website taken down (I don’t want to give them any shine because I don’t agree at all with what they stand for). What are your thoughts on cyber-bullying considering from what I’ve read (not FROM you but about you) that you are a victim?
You asked me very politely, i thank you. Some people blatantly try and hang it over my head… like “ha ha, people don’t like you.” He-he. But that’s not why people hate me. People hate me because it takes an extremely big person to genuinely be happy for people’s accomplishments, especially when its something someone wants to do but hasn’t. Not everyone should do the same thing. Singing, or producing, or rapping doesn’t make you cool… finding what you want to do and loving it does… and people that have found that, are happy. People that haven’t, make those who have upset. I call them Internet trolls. But most people in my field say it gets bad… “death threats, threatening their parents, calling them fat, ugly, talentless, a so and so wannabe”. I think it’s immature. It’s exactly what i HATED about high school. People hated me for being unique, and being nice, and pure. I was an easy target. Instead of giving in and stooping to their level, i am letting the world know “hey dude, you’re not alone, and we will get our revenge by taking down this stupid slander site and ending their sinful hoaxes”. With more technology comes more outlets to bully. I feel extremely bad for the kids, and teens that are bullied. I know the depression it brings. I wrote letters to Congress about this issue, and i know it may seem small compared to the rest of the worlds issues but to me, it’s just as important.

[BMW]You seem to be a very upbeat and overall positive person why do you think there is so much hate being spewed at you?
Just for that reason. People see me happy, and they don’t like that. I am happy sometimes. I’ve always been a very happy person. I find light in things, but what people don’t know is i was once hospitalized when i was 10 years old for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. I struggle very badly with trying to not let things eat at me, or stress me out. It’s always very little minuscule things too. And i don’t tell many people this, but i feel the need to open up about it, and stop feeling embarrassed by it.
Unhappy people DON’T like to see others happy, or doing things with their life. They find me an easy target because i have a big heart, and am not a bitch. But i’ve learned to be a bitch when i need to be. In high school that was my problem, people walked all over me, used me, talked behind my back and still do because they knew they could. I’ve learned to fight back. Love the lovely, hate the hateful.

[BMW]Being as unique as you are in a place like Pittsburgh has to be hard. Where do you get your inspiration from to be so different?
It is tragically difficult. I love my city. It’s home. But I once thought it was the biggest place on earth, then at 15 or 16 i started spending every day in the city, South-side and unknown places and realized how small it was. It is a small minded place despite how much culture we have. No one does what i do here, and if they do, they are very underground because folks aren’t really interested by it. They like football, and football, and football. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s not the hot spot for electronic. I LOVE IT though because it makes me unique, it makes me stand out like a sore thumb and form a family with the other electronic nerds. But i do plan on moving to New York or Jersey within the next year and i think it will be alot harder to stand out considering its full of ten times more culture addicts. My body is in Pittsburgh, my mind is in the clouds. I create an alternate world for myself, always have. A world full of lights, disco balls, horror films, trance music, comic books, and happy cute little cartoon characters. Andy Warhol, and the movie Party Monster sparked my mind years ago, and continue to. Benny Benassi also took me from happy to ecstasy happy. Oh how i miss the summer of 2006

[BMW]Your album “Planet Puff” is out now, for someone who has never heard your music how would you describe it?
Pop from Outer Space. A disco in the sky. It’s alot of hip-hop & alot of 80’s electro sounding stuff. Similar to Pat Benetar, and David Bowie, but with a modern sound. It’s not perfectly mastered because this was my first album, but with each song i get better & better. I am proud to say i did it myself. I did have a friend Premise help master a couple of songs, my boyfriend did too and Kyle Geakbeatz Edwards created the beat for “Gameboy”. But i recorded the whole thing myself. It was hard, but a good breakthrough. I consider me as an artist more or less “Daft Punk with boobs, minus 1 person.”

[BMW]Now that the album is out what’s next for you?
There are INSANELY GOOD songs on their way! I told myself I’d stop. But i can’t. They will slowly seeped into the unconscious soon. I don’t collab, i just sort of stick to myself… and do my own little projects. So collabs are out of the works. But the next step is MOVING! 😮  exploring, networking, testing the waters, and doing more shows. Always practicing too.

[BMW]I heard the song “Run Now” you did up & coming artist Young Roach it seems like you two worked very well together are there any other artists you’d like to work with?
I do work very well with people. I am easy to get along with but he is too because he is essentially me with a penis. (oops) But he’s very on his grind, very focused, and he gets things done quickly. I like that about him. I have a very secretive secretive techno song i am having Worth Whyle rap on. Other than that i don’t ever have artists on my songs because i always end up writing for them. I’d love to work with Vinnie (Vinnie Vocals) his style would go hand and hand with mine and he’s very talented. Other than that I’m not too sure. I love and respect all artists out there, they are beautiful… but i stick to myself most of the time. (only child syndrome)

[BMW]What was the last physical CD you bought? When? What about the last album you downloaded?
I do buy music still which is odd in this era… but i would have to say it was indeed “The Best of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” probably my best CD to play when I’m in a bad mood. The last album i downloaded was a free one by a band called “Girl in a Comma” relaxing, edgy and definitely my style. I’m an indie/rock/electro kinda girl.

[BMW]Where can people find out more about you and get your music?
Just google me. I promise you, you’ll find lots. I don’t mean that in a cocky way at all, but i just somehow realized that there is alot 1,000 pounds of me on the web. The one MAIN place i constantly update with music is my reverbnation page…. which is http://www.reverbnation.com/therealmelodyjoy
i also have an official website that my boyfriend made for me, and helped me manage it is: thetalentedmelodyjoy.com (didn’t make the name, promise!)

[BMW]Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
You deserve the best because you are the best people on the earth, i see big hearts in all of you, and i know good still exists in the world… and its comforting to me. I would not be here if it wasn’t for the positive reassurance you give me. God bless you. And do whatever makes you happy. I want to see you happy & joyful. Thank you for the love.


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