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[Picking The Brain] Eddie McDonald Interviews Phresh LaRosa

Phresh LaRosa Interview by Eddie McDonald @KingEdward15

Phresh LaRosa is a young aspiring rapper from Pittsburgh. He is steadily trying to make a name for himself in the rap game. I was lucky to land this interview with him. His upcoming mixtape “Mixtape of the Year” will be dropping in late August,  so make sure to check that out and show love.

Eddie: When did you start rapping?

Phresh: I’ve been around music all my life. I was in the church choir as a kid; I took piano lessons, played the drums, and even started making beats for a year or two. But I actually starting rapping and pursuing my career Feb of ‘08. I was playing basketball at Penn State McKeesport and wasn’t working too hard on my school work if you know what I mean lol … but the second I dropped out I started rapping. Just so happens my dreams are coming to fruition, ya know?

Eddie: It’s always a good feeling when you see yourself doing well.

Eddie: What got you started in the rap game?

Phresh: Wiz Khalifa telling me quote “Get ya ass in ID LABS and never look back.” I grew up with ‘em, and once he heard I was on my grind that’s all he said. At this point I see that’s all he really needed to say. Everything else simply fell into place.

Eddie: When did you realize you could potentially make a name for yourself as a rapper?

Phresh: When I looked up and realized I was in the trailer for the “Work Hard Play Hard” video, smoking with millionaires, or when Fab came to town with the Street Fam and we were on the 42 floor of a 43 story hotel, and again I was smoking with millionaires. I don’t know, nothing really stood out and told me I
could make a name for myself, I’m just making one. Music is what I was born to do, and I see that now.

Eddie: Who are your musical influences?

Phresh: There are so many, Trey Songz, Jadakiss, Drake, Wiz, Nas, Jay Z, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Jimi Hendrix, Cobaine, I could go on for days. But it ain’t just their music that influences me – – It’s their career paths, their train of thought, obviously it varies with every artist, but none the less anyone with a good heart behind their good music, feel me? Anyone that has a message behind their music can always be an influence to me though, famous or not.

Eddie: An artist definitely has to love his/her music in order for it to be truly successful, at least to them.

Eddie: Who are your favorite artists past and present?

Phresh: Past: Toni Tony Tone, Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane

Present: Trey Songz, Big Sean, ASAP Rocky, Wiz, etc…

Eddie: Those are definitely some extremely talented and successful artists.

Eddie: What song of yours has been the most memorable/meaningful to you?

Phresh: A Song called “Different Girl Same Plan” (DGSP) simply because it’s the first time I ever stepped out the
box that far. Can’t say anything more… You just gotta listen to understand, feel me?

Eddie: As a writer, I definitely know the feeling.

Eddie: Who has helped you most so far in your career?

Phresh: I gotta say Sara Elizabeth Cropcho … hahaha she gone hate me for this. #MakeSure you leave it in there too haha … but that’s my manager… met her on twitter and I’ll never forget how she tweeted me a half hour after giving her my first mixtape and she said, “OMG I’M HAVING AN EAR ORGASM TO THIS
PHRESH LAROSA MIXTAPE “haha it was hilarious … but ever since then we been on the journey together and we are where we are now, so we obviously doin’ something right.

Eddie: Haha she should get a kick out of that.

Eddie: Have you recorded a song with Wiz or Mac Miller, since they are fellow Pittsburgh rappers, who have established a name for themselves in their respective careers?

Phresh: No but will be soon … sooner than you’d ever think… With that bein’ said … to be continued lmfao.

Eddie: Looking forward to that, whenever that does happen.

Eddie: Who would be the one artist you would choose to make a song with?

Phresh: John Legend. Dude really knows how to make music. Point. Blank. Period.

Eddie: I agree 100% with you on that one. I feel he could enhance an artist’s song, of any genre.

Eddie: What can fans expect to hear on your upcoming Mixtape of the Year?

Phresh: Everything they expect to want to hear. There’s a song on there for everybody, meaning no matter what type of music you like, you can appreciate at least one of the songs on this mixtape #Guaranteed … We worked so hard to make it marketable .

Eddie: How does the new mixtape differ from Popular Demand?

Phresh: Its better, that’s for sure. Quality wise, lyrically, production wise. Conceptually, I mean we improve with everything we do. I don’t know how else to answer that because it’s not like I map out the mixtapes. The music comes to me and I strategically tie it all together, feel me?

Eddie: Definitely.

Eddie: Your stage name is unique. How did you get the Phresh LaRosa name?

Phresh: Listen to the mixtape … it explains it all haha

Eddie: Haha I will look into that.

Phresh: Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time and interest to interview me.  Def means a lot.

You can find Music to download here: www.reverbnation.com/PhreshLaRosa

Music Videos: www.youtube.com/StarGangEnTV

Follow him on twitter: @TheRealLaRosa

“Like” his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PhreshLaRosa

Mixtapes: www.datpiff.com/PhreshLaRosa


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