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[ Picking The Brain] Ave. Amen

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If you’ve been keeping up with the site recently you will have noticed among many things a serious  presence by a slew of new artists including JUS SMITH, Lazy JP, R-Sin, & Ave. Amen. Recently we caught up with Ave & decided to get to know him a bit better. Check out what happened when we tried to pick his brain…….

Describe Ave. Amen in 2 words……


How would you, yourself describe your music? Your sound & style are unique, where does it come from?
 I would describe my music as a reflection of myself.  In the sense that i have a side to myself that is serious, a side that is passionate, a side that is angry, and a side that just likes to chill and have a good time. So when it comes to my music, you can hear them different sides of me that dominate certain tracks more than others. Thats why i will rock on Johnny Juliano beats and have fun with those tracks, and just focus on riding the beat in a way that compliments the overall production . Then i will make songs where my focus is based on just bringing my best lyrics to the table and touching on social topics. And i also make songs where its more about the overall sound of the song , and i focus more on creating these types of songs in the mixing stage.  You will hear what im talking about with my upcoming project “I’m A Long Way From Home”.  
 My sound comes from me writing the songs with the mixing stage in mind. Thats how i write all my music . I think about what hardware/plugins i will use during the mix , and i write knowing the characteristics of these plugins i will use and how they will add to the sound of the overall song. And im a huge fan of hip hop so i listen to alot of music. But i don’t listen as a fan but rather as a student. I know in hip hop right now a lot of people tend to sound like each other, and really just “copy and paste” styles, beats, image, etc. I try to stay in the spectrum of what’s relevant in hip hop , but not at the center of the spectrum . Thats the challenge . The challenge is relating to people,  and being relative enough that you can also slide in the medicine. Hip hop is a poweful tool.

 What’s it like being from & representing the “814” area? Has it helped you develop as an artist? What do you think about moving to a larger area with a more budding music scene?

 The “814” area is really stagnated when it comes to a hip hop scene. I live in State College (home of Penn State University) and from every house party , dorm, and car you hear hip hop music . But the bar and club owners are scared of embracing the culture and providing any venue for artists in this area to express their music live. And performances are an important part of any genre of music. So i’ve had to grind harder with promotion around town and campus , and i also put more time into networking online.  Johnstown Pa (part of the 814) has some talented artist out there as well, but i don’t see a lot of opportunities to progress there either. So everybody in the 814 has to develop networking skills with the same importance as you place on developing songwriting skills. Thats one thing being from a smaller area you have to focus on.  And i’m definitely considering moving to a bigger city in the near future , not  that thats the only way, i just think it adds a little more opportunity to a very saturated market. I’ve only been releasing music for about 18 months so maybe in another 18 months from now i will have a move in mind that will have some meaning to it based on success .

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To date, what song you are most proud of? & to expand on that what is your proudest musical achievement so far?

Thats the thing, I haven’t really wrote a song yet that im like “Damn this song is the ONE”  but i approach every song with that mind frame. And every time i record a new song i feel like its the “ONE”  until i record the next one. I think most artist do . I have a lot of songs on my upcoming project “I’m A Long Way From Home” that i feel are great songs, with great ideas behind them, that i will be anxious to see how people receive them.  But no single song in mind. At this point my proudest achievement with my music is my project i just released in September titled “LOST” . At the time i released that project i’d only been recording music for 13 months, and i released the project because the songs really didn’t fit the texture of “I’m A Long Way From Home” but they were dope. So i relsesed “LOST” exclusivly through LegendMixtapes.com and i did numbers alot higher than i thought i would , and i also had 3 of the singels featured on GetyourBuzzup.com which was a proud moment  . And shout out to ALL the blogs that supported it.

In the same lane as the classic song “Banned From TV” (Featuring NORE, Cam’Ron, Big Pun) if you could put together an epic “Posse Cut” who would be the 4 artists  & who would produce the song.

I would definitely have my brother LV (Lukie Vuitton), Kendrick Lamar, Fab ,and  A$AP Ferg. That would be a dope track . Production would be Johnny Juliano with a co-production from Kanye West. I would need a hell of a budget for that .


Speaking of collabs, can you think of any artists outside of the hip hop or R&B genres that you’d like to work with? Who & why?

I would love to work with Zack De la Rocha because he is passionate about his message and his music. His energy is intense .Green Day is a dope band. From the stories i’ve read/watched their work ethic and pride they take in their music is amazing, i would love to be around that and learn.
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Looking forward, what is your #1 goal and hope for yourself and aside from that, your music career?

 My number one goal in life is to be a great father, a father that can offer his child an opportunity to be successful in America.  
And for my music, I just hope I keep being able to relate to people and make music they can relate to. I want to get better at that.  And I hope that no matter how popular i do or don’t become, that my work ethic and my ability to chase my dream out shines anything I accomplish.


Listen to the latest release from Ave “D.T.A.S (Don’t Trust A Soul)” featuring Antonia produced by Ric & Thadeus

Site: www.aveamen.com
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/aveamen
Twitter: @Ave_Amen
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AveAmen501
YouTube: www.youtube.com/Grind2TheGrave

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