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Knightstalker pres.: Lost In Translation Vol.4 (Mixtape) (Mixed by DJ Easy & Hosted by Dutch Boogie)

Germany’s Knightstalker is proud to present the fourth installment of the “Lost In Translation” mixtape series. The follow up to Vol.1 (hosted by Le First from Berlin/Germany), Vol.2 (hosted by Jeune Ras from Geneve/Switzerland) and Vol.3 (hosted byFossoyeur from Paris/France) continues to present some of the latest French Hip Hop music to a worldwide audience. Once again, the artists and songs have been chosen carefully by Knightstalker in conjunction with the Next Level Ent. andCoast2Coast DJ, DJ Easy, who’s also responsible for the mixing of the project.

The host on Volume 4 is Dutch Boogie from Nancy/France. The rapper made a lot of noise in the French underground scene through several solo releases as well as appearances with his crew Les Blanchisseurs. He also recorded a couple of exclusive tracks for “Lost In Translation Vol.4”.

Besides other exclusive songs by RheyzMedouze and Kennaden the mixtape features the latest and freshest French rap songs from the likes of Knightstalker, FossoyeurLe FirstBlendLexro, Joe Lucazz & Keny Kenz, Jeune Ras, Eko du 94, Fossoyeur, Jimmy Cena and many many more.



01. Dutch Boogie – INTRO
02. Dutch Boogie – Seigneur Pardonne Leur (prod. by Stargazer) [EXCLUSIVE]
03. Les Blanchisseurs – Tony Vareilles (Amended Version) (prod. by J-Lott) [EXCLUSIVE]
04. Eko du 94 – Dark (prod. by Nockpi)
05. Knightstalker feat. Jeune Ras, Apaulo Treed, Kennaden & Ten-J, Big Luck, Sultano, SouthEast, Dutch Boogie & Rekomstop Skeemz – FlyPower (Remix) (prod. by Marodeur) [EXCLUSIVE]
06. Lexro – Mes Reves (prod. by Scorceze)
07. Rheyz – Pris Dans L’Engrenage [EXCLUSIVE]
08. Jeune Ras feat. Kennaden – Dans Les Nuages (prod. by RAS)
09. Dutch Boogie – Slow Flow
10. Blend – Nous Sommes Saouls (prod. by Benito & DJ Ochse Uwenknecht)
11. Fossoyeur – Dans Les Genes (prod. by Fossoyeur)
12. Jeune Ras feat. Knightstalker – One Chance (prod. by RAS)
13. Dutch Boogie – Mes Gars (O.G. Version) (prod. by Le Poissard) [EXCLUSIVE]
14. Kennaden – Eastside [EXCLUSIVE]
15. Le First & Demskut – Großstadtkaribik (prod. by Jay-O)
16. Keno MC feat. Knightstalker – Fight For Freedom (prod. by Ashen Spark)
17. Jimmy Cena – Vous Me Rendez Fou (prod. by Vinssoo)
18. Joe Lucazz & Keny Kenz – Can I Live (prod. by Spiralprod.)
19. Ovir feat. Falo P3 & Caméredi – Meme Dékor (prod. by Show N Prove) [EXCLUSIVE]
20. Jor feat. Le First – Das Ist Möglich (prod. by SIN)
21. Medouze – Mauvaise Graine (prod. by F.A.S.) [EXCLUSIVE]
22. Dutch Boogie – OUTRO
23. Knightstalker feat. Jeune Ras, Apaulo Treed, Kennaden & Ten-J, Big Luck, Sultano, SouthEast, Dutch Boogie & Rekomstop Skeemz – FlyPower (Mixtape Version) [EXCLUSIVE]
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brandonw • July 4, 2012

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