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Jamel Deon – “Deposits”

Jamel Deon was born in Las Vegas and spent his college years in Arizona..Now he is back in Las Vegas preparing for the release of the Hustle With Me EP. Class of 2017 graduating with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Today, Jamel Deon makes hip hop music for the hustler at heart. “Deposits: featuring Rob Monday and Kajuan is one of those gems.
Creating music for over 10 years and pursuing a music career since 2014. Jamel Deon makes music for entrepreneur minded individuals. Jamel Deon has developed the #HustleWithMe brand that encourages us all to reach our goals for the audience of his latest releases.
The Hustle With Me brand is different from the rest because of its challenge yet motivating message. Which is to never give up grinding toward your dreams, you might as well give it your best. Click the link JamelDeonShop.com for our Merchandise Store!

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Evan B • December 8, 2019

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