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[Off the Brain] Rhyme Calisthenics Pittsburgh #12 Winner 3PFD

Sara (@sarliz88) was able to catch up with the winner of Rhyme Cal 12 3PFD check out the interview!

Congrats on the victory…What did you do to prepare for Rhyme Cal?

[3PFD] Thanks for the congrats. It was a fun night and a tough competition. I guess in a way I’m always preparing because I’m always freestyling and I write a lot. To prepare for the actual competition, I always try to decide on a few written verses to use for The Message, Last Word, and Storytelling. I also try to think of a few bars for myself and others in case of Comp Killer or Mirror Match coming up. However, it’s so unpredictable, you can only prepare so much.

How did you initially get involved with Rhyme Cal? what sparked your interest in the event?

[3PFD] I heard about Rhyme Cal from a few different avenues, so I decided to check one out back in May 2009. I thought the concept was interesting, and I’m always trying to push myself to be better as a rapper, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I met Armstead Brown at the Shadow Lounge open mic nights and submitted to be in Rhyme Cal 7 back in late 2009. From there, I guess you can say the rest is history.

What is your favorite topic to land on?

[3PFD] Word Bank or Comp Killer. Word Bank’s definitely my strongest game, but I love battle rap as well, so Comp Killer is definitely fun.

What are some unique avenues you are pursuing to further your career as an artist?

[3PFD] I have a lot of avenues I pursue with my music being both a Christian rapper and a battle rapper. As I get closer to releasing my next album “Outside The Box”, I’m looking at booking more shows both in churches, youth group, and Christian settings, as well as in clubs and other venues. Also, I’m continuing to battle at various events around the country becuase I love the competition and environment of battling. Next year I’m looking to make my move to try to get into the main stage King of the Dot battle events in Toronto since King of the Dot is one of the biggest battle promotions out right now.

What can the fans expect next from you?

[3PFD] My album “Outside The Box” will be dropping soon. Look for me playing live around Pittsburgh and the region. Also, look for me nationally, and hopefully soon internationally, in the battle scene. Fans can find me online with anything 3PFD. Twitter – @3PFD, YouTube – 3PFD, 3pfd.bandcamp.com, you get the picture. Much love to anyone who’s supported me in any way along my musical journey.

Check out the recap video from Rhyme Cal 12

Off The Brain– Mention the first thing that (word or phrase) comes to mind. (Sort of like the Word Bank)

Calisthenics Rhyme Cal
2013New Year
Election Enough with the Political Ads

Catch up with 3PFD online via www.facebook.com/evan.tachoir

Thanks again for the interview. Peace and God Bless y’all!

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sarac • November 5, 2012

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