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K!NG Z3U$ Cosmos brainofbmw

K!NG Z3U$ “Cosmos” (Prod by !llMind)

Been a while since we heard anything from the Harlem upstart K!NG Z3U$. Few months back he started a fire with “My Wave” that along with hard work and connections landed him on tour with Joel Ortiz and !llmind. I won’t lie I was a bit tight he wasn’t on the Pittsburgh show I was ready for that. Anyway as you can tell the young man was working and now he’s back with the !llmind produced “Cosmos”.

Twitter: @thekingz3us
IG: @thekingz3us 
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thekingz3us 
Website: www.thekingzeus.com

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brandonw • January 30, 2016

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