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[ Fashion Forward ] Stacy Adams Brand New Shoe Swag

This post brought to you by Stacy Adams. All opinions are 100% mine.

When most see “EST 1875” they don’t think that applies to a fashion line. I doubt they would think about one that has catered to the Urban market. Interestingly enough here we have the legendary Stacy Adams brand  established by William H Stacy & Henry L Adams in Brockton Mass 1875. Stacy Adams target has been men’s suits, accessories & most notably shoes among other products they now offer.  I’ve taken some time to set aside what I believed this brand to be & what is was, & what it is becoming.
It’s crazy to see how different the actual image of Stacy Adams is versus what I was raised to believe it was. Growing up the older guys wore Stacy Adams shoes specifically the slim black leather narrow wing-tips. The name to ME for years has been directly related to that  “Old School Playa” sort of style. The type of guy who wore Stacy Adams anything to me was the same type who drove a 1978 Fleetwood Birmingham Cadillac, smoked cigars, & always went to the local “speakeasy” or cabaret dressed to the 9s. This actually has seemed to remain for years even most recently with my college room mate wearing a fresh pair of black suede Stacy Adams pants to his engagement party. But that was more perception than reality.  I have to admit, Stacy Adams isnt the same as it used to be or what I assumed! 
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The timing of this post is hilarious considering my mom (who is habitually late with birthday gifts) just gave me a nice white Stacy Adams dress shirt with French cuffs for my 28th bday (got the shirt a month ago I turned 28 in February better late than never eh?). 
So my first thought is “A Stacy Adams shirt? Let me see if they have some shoes that compliment the shirt”. I hit their website to see if I could find any luck. Sure enough I stumbled upon their new line of shoes & immediately fell in love with the Blue suede Armstrong shoe. It looks ultra comfy even if you have a wider foot (Like I do thanks mom!). Its stylish but not out of my zone. I respect high fashion & those who like to push the envelope when it comes to their clothing but I tend to go more for what fits right, looks well & accents my body type. Once I found the shoe I went over to Polyvore in an attempt to put together a full set & while I was a bit limited by the available styles on the site I was able to put together something I really would wear!






This set is right up my alley! I could wear this to work with the tie and then as soon as I punch out remove the tie (or not because it accents the shoes!) & head out for a nice dinner or a night on the town with the wolves(wolves being my single male friends).  I checked out a few more of the other newer shoe designs as well I liked the Aldrin style in a dark brown (cognac) and orange color. Through the Stacy Adams website suggestion I found some argyle socks that accent the shoes perfectly! (I’m a sucker for cool colorful socks!) Stacy Adams has introduced a tone of new shoes including Armstrong, Aldrin, Dawson, Dumont, Colridge, Hawthorne, Sullivan and Sandburg. Some have that vintage look to them that give you that “Boardwalk Empire” feel but not like you are really from the Prohibition Era!







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