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DS Kinsel Brainofbmw Verde

“TPTF Verde” by DS Kinsel

I’ll admit it & this artist will confirm it I have been slacking on showcasing art! Check out this amazing piece called “TPTF Verde” by DS Kinsel Twitter: @DSKinsel Gallery: www.redbubble.com/people/avantguardian

Emily LoveJoy Art Brainofbmw

[ Masterpeice ] Emily Lovejoy

  Reaching Higher PR presents rising star and talented visual artist, @StarkObsession. In just one year of graduating with a dual degree in Fine Arts and Business Management from the University of New Orleans, Emily Lovejoy has painted live for multiple events, different bands, DJs and hip-hop artists.  Some of these include Voodoo Fest for G-Eazy, Lyriqs da Lyraciss who was…

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Matrix Stolen Brainofbmw

[ Writer’s Cove ] Was The Matrix Franchise Stolen

I saw a friend of mine share an article on Facebook this morning titled “Black Author wins Copyright Case for Matrix movie” which you can read in full here >>> http://jasonskywalker5.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/black-author-wins-matrix/. Of course we don’t post things like this normally but I felt as though it needed to be shared with our audience as it consistents…

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[Writer’s Cove] “Flowerland at Nirvana – September 26, 1991 The Moon, New Haven, CT”

Flowerland at Nirvana – September 26, 1991 – The Moon, New Haven, CT. by FLOWERLAND   The first time all four members of Flowerland were in the same room was September 26, 1991 at The Moon in New Haven, CT. The Moon was a small club on Whalley Avenue, just up the road from Westville, a…

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[Writer’s Cove] “Ocala National Forest” by Flowerland

Writer’s Cove “Ocala National Forest” We were on our first tour to promote our debut CD release “Flowerland” and we were playing a bunch of shows in Florida before heading up to Georgia. We had just played Jacksonville and we were headed to play Tampa, St Petersburg, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers and then back…

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[Poetry] “As I Wipe My Chin” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “As I Wipe My Chin” by Ale Gasso Enjoy “As I Wipe My Chin” a poem written by Ale Gasso A rush of confused fists and words mostly missed quick chaos marked by a shattering random wetness and scraping of old chair legs over wood erupts and barrels out the door in one sloppy…

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[Poetry] “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso Brainiacs read “After the After Party” a new poem from Ale Gasso   When everyone’s falling or fighting or both or too-close talking those damp promises of future dates forever hugs you get used to that sudden horizontal smack all that broken glass usually blood the punchline…

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[Writer’s Cove] “Westville, Subway and Flowerland” by Flowerland

Writer’s Cove “Westville, Subway and Flowerland” As I began the Fall semester at Southern in late August 1991, there was no way to predict what was to come by December. It would be one of the most significant periods of my life, but as I started my last term at Southern, I didn’t have a…

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[Poetry] “He’ll Remember You as a Nuisance, if He Remembers Anything At All” By Ale Gasso

Poetry “He’ll Remember You as a Nuisance, if He Remembers Anything At All” By Ale Gasso Talented poet Ale Gasso is back with “He’ll Remember You as a Nuisance, if He Remembers Anything At All” enjoy!   In a moment of furious writing he forgets he’s at the bar with all its high demands of people…

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[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously”

[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously” Enjoy this new poetry piece from the talented Shalace Moore called “Meticulously”   Oh, i got mored than i asked for, as you found the hidden rock on my shore and for sure meticulously played with it causing a long over due eruption. Consumption of compliments & rumplemintz lead to the confidence…

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[Poetry] “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage” by Ale Gasso Brainiacs enjoy the poem “A Message from the Other Side of the Stage“ by Ale Gasso I know you don’t wanna meet your idols grim and beaten from years too loud an uneven familiarity with the stage feigning memories brought by you…

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LuAlphonso "Celestial Lovers"

[Masterpeices] LuAlphonso “Celestial Lovers”

LuAlphonso “Celestial Lovers” Hailing from Hampton Virginia, talented artist LuAlphonso brings you “Celestial Lovers”. Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece, rate, & comment below, feel free to share!  

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