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Trevor Kelly Interview Brainofbmw

Interview w/Trevor Kelly by TJ Harris

It’s around 1pm on a breezy Monday morning when my phone receives the oh so familiar text sound “Skype Later.” The Message was sent from Trevor (TK) Kelly a Bass Music Producer from Southern California now residing in the Bay Area. TK and I originally met several years back during one of my many adventures…

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aveamen brainofbmw

[ Picking The Brain] Ave. Amen

If you’ve been keeping up with the site recently you will have noticed among many things a serious  presence by a slew of new artists including JUS SMITH, Lazy JP, R-Sin, & Ave. Amen. Recently we caught up with Ave & decided to get to know him a bit better. Check out what happened when…

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[Interview] Talk with VP of A&R at Epic Records Malik Rasheed

The A&R Report was granted the pleasure of getting to know Vice President of A&R at Epic Records, Malik Rasheed. We were granted the opportunity to interact with the humble executive in his LA Office, gaining some insight on his new journey at Epic Records; in addition, to his future goals and aspirations at the…

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[Picking The Brain] Ale Gasso

Picking The Brain Ale Gasso [BMW] Who is Ale Gasso? I like to say that I was born in New York during the blackout of ’77, just because it sounds interesting. But I mostly grew up in Miami. When I’m not writing poetry or working my day job, I’m usually at a bar. Live music…

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[Picking The Brain] Crossover Kidz

Picking The Brain CrossKidz   [BMW] So tell the Brainiacs a little about the Crossover Kidz how’d you two get started? When I (MuZ) first moved to Boston in summer of 2010, I wasn’t even rapping, I had quite a few months before to really focus on songwriting in general. But because of some persuasive…

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[Picking the Brain] Tony Dufrense

Fresh off the release of his lastest project “Pittsburgh UGK” (which has been downloaded over 25,000 times on datpiff.com) we caught up with Tony Durfrense check out what happened when we picked his brain…… [BMW] Mr Dufresne, how are you doing? [TD] I’m doing good man, definitely can’t complain. [BMW] You were known as Lil…

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[Off the Brain] Rhyme Calisthenics Pittsburgh #12 Winner 3PFD

Sara (@sarliz88) was able to catch up with the winner of Rhyme Cal 12 3PFD check out the interview! Congrats on the victory…What did you do to prepare for Rhyme Cal? [3PFD] Thanks for the congrats. It was a fun night and a tough competition. I guess in a way I’m always preparing because I’m always…

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Lisa Banton

[Picking The Brain] BMW Interviews Lisa Banton

Lisa Banton “Picking the Brain” There are few times when I am so impressed with music that I share it with one of the biggest critics & most talented people I know. When I first heard Lisa Banton sing I immediately shared her music with my most trusted musical confidant. She was impressed maybe even…

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Cory Eaux

[Picking the Brain] BMW Interviews Cory Eaux

BMW Interviews Cory Eaux Still celebrating his victory I was able to catch up to “King of the 3 Rivers” Cory Eaux. Lets see how deep into the mind of this talented artist we can dig….. [BMW] Mr. Monongahela Monster, better know as the “King of the 3 Rivers”, how are you doing? Cory Eaux I’m doing well!…

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[Picking The Brain] Eddie McDonald Interviews Phresh LaRosa

Phresh LaRosa Interview by Eddie McDonald @KingEdward15 Phresh LaRosa is a young aspiring rapper from Pittsburgh. He is steadily trying to make a name for himself in the rap game. I was lucky to land this interview with him. His upcoming mixtape “Mixtape of the Year” will be dropping in late August,  so make sure to check…

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[Picking the Brain] Melody Joy

BMW was able to catch up with the very busy & multifaceted up & coming artist Melody Joy.   [BMW]The Talented Miss Joy…How are you? Not only did you ask me how i am, but you called me talented. That is pure selfless sweetness. Thank you 🙂 and i am good. Stressed a bit, but…

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