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[Fashion Forward] Blasfome Releases Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof Sweatpants

VALENTINES DAY GIFTS THAT DON’T SUCK: BLASFOME TEN FOOT TALL AND BULLETPROOF SWEATPANTS This Valentines Day give your man what he really wants… Comfort. Pittsburgh, Pa – Pittsburgh based Streetwear brand Blasfome releases Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof sweatpants just in time for Valentines day. You can’t wear roses to bed, and you sure as hell…

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[Fashion] Blasfome Releases New Keystone Hate Camp Hats

Blasfome Releases Keystone Hate Camp Hats Bobby Buckets’ idea of camping is being driven around in an air conditioned Land Rover over sketchy trails in the middle of a National Park. The Blasfome Keystone Hate Camp Hat won’t make your camping experience as luxurious, but it will make you look as stylish as Mr. Buckets…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Manish Life Apparel

Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel [BMW] What area is your clothing line based out of? How did it begin? What sparked the interest in designing? Manish Life is based out of the Detroit area. I was called “Manish” often when I was younger because I always wanted to be a grown up too fast….

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Guwala da Nele

[BMW] What is Guwala da Nele?  I, Garmai- Korto Matthew, am the designer of the Afrocentric and modern influenced clothing line that goes by the name of GUWALA DA NELE. Guwala da Nele means “Beautiful and Strong” in my father’s dialect, Kpelle, a Liberian language. My line includes African inspired garments to eccentric pieces. I…

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[Fashion Forward] BobbyBuckets does work! Winter 2012 Lookbook (Blasfome)

People always ask what a day in the life of Bobby Buckets is like For the winter tee shirt collection lookbook we decided give you some insight into how Bobby ends his busy days at the shop by snapping a few pics. New to the collection is the Blasfome Pesticide Tee.  The Blasfome Pesticide Tee…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Ill X Ill Clothing

For this week’s Trend Setter Tuesday feature we catch up with ILL X Ill Clothing. [BMW] What is illxill clothing? We’re an online clothing store bringing you exclusive Infectious Street Apparel. ILL times ILL Clothing. Inspired by the Hip-Hop culture. [BMW] What area is the line based out of? How did you begin? What sparked…

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[Fashion] Blasfome Hoodie 2012 Collection

Black hoodie season is upon us. Join Blasfome in the black hoodie movement, and be guarded against winter woes with three new hoodies. The Keystone Hate design, Blasfome Wreath and Logo have been immortalized in fleece this season with a special twist on each classic design. We’ve taken a secondary approach to the design method…

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[Fashion] Smoker’s Club Worldwide ’12 Fall/Winter crewneck looks

  Welcome to Smoker’s Club Worldwide!!  A brand put together by the creator of the ever so popular Piffsburgh & Pittsburgh King caps – Soul II Sole x NYC’s King of Graphic Designs Solomon Reese teamed up for all you serious smoker’s out there! Smoker’s Club Worldwide is for a varied collection of like minded members…

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[Fashion] ArieBella Couture Presents: “The Perfect Storm” Fall 12′ Collection

Available Saturday October 6th! ArieBella Couture Women’s Contemporary Streetwear Brand Based in Pittsburgh PA Gears Up to Release Their Fall 12′ Collection0n “The Perfect Storm”. Drawing inspiration from real life experiences fueled with struggle, hardship and ultimate triumph this collection paints the journey from American nightmares to American dreams. The “Perfect Storm” lookbook features a…

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    The Blasfome Wrench Turning Crew Collection is inspired by those rebels without a cause that dared to to cut against the grain and raise hell with loud flame shooting exhausts, track approved street cars and brisk motorcycle rides at night. The Wrench Turning Crew Collections features staples in every gearhead’s closet.  Three t-shirt…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Blast Off Clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Blast Off Clothing A while ago I was on twitter and I heard something about a new clothing line in the Pittsburgh area. Now if you know anything about the Pittsburgh area you know there is an abundance of 5 things Bars, Rappers, Clothing Lines & Yinzers. So when I first saw…

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Trend Setter Tuesday

[Trend Setter Tuesday]The F.A.D.E.D. Penguin

Trend Setter Tuesday In this week’s installment of “Trend Setter Tuesday” I was able to catch up with the good folks from The F.A.D.E.D. Penguin. Check out what I learned! [BMW] What is The F.A.D.E.D. Penguin? Ever since like the 5th grade I always said that I wanted to bring the word “fresh” back. I’ve…

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