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Cory Eaux

[Picking the Brain] BMW Interviews Cory Eaux

BMW Interviews Cory Eaux

Still celebrating his victory I was able to catch up to “King of the 3 Rivers” Cory Eaux. Lets see how deep into the mind of this talented artist we can dig…..

[BMW] Mr. Monongahela Monster, better know as the “King of the 3 Rivers”, how are you doing? Cory Eaux

I’m doing well! Im at a really good place mentally right now. My brain hasnt been clouded with so many dark thoughts lately and God’s presence in my life if being felt more than ever! I’m blessed…

[BMW] Tell the brainiacs a little bit about who you are….something they can’t find by googling “Cory Eaux“.

I’m a man that loves hip-hop with his entire being. It’s the soundtrack to my life. It’s my culture. It’s my lifestyle. I’m a 412 native and underground hip-hop scene verteran. I still have a day job (as most of us do) and I’m very comfortable where I’m at in life right now. I know I still have a lot of progression to do as far as gaining exposure as an artist, but honestly, this is the happiest I’ve been in years. I hope our (The JSP) new music reflects that.

[BMW] Being a veteran artist what have you learned about the BUSINESS side of the music industry? Cory Eaux

I’ve learned that once you are TRULY in demand there are certain things you won’t and shouldn’t have to pay for. I see a lot of promoters, websites, etc., prey on artists hunger and determination and use that to line their own pockets. They are getting rich off our dreams! In this age of hip-hop, there really isn’t a desire to actually learn the business aspect of it all. Making music is the easy part. But if you dont seek out managers, publicists, booking agents, investors, PRs, youve already lost. Also the importance of a budget. If you dont have the money to properly promote yourself chances are you’re going to get overlooked. You can have all the talent in the world, but if no one knows about it, you’re just a local legend.

[BMW] You made a guest apperance on Brainofbmw.com sharing your thoughts on the current state of Pittsburgh Hip Hop and the response was not only positive but tremendous. I asked for a quote & you gave me an essay, is writing in that form a passion of yours as well? What other layers of talent are you waiting to peel back? Art? Dance? Cory Eaux

Im a writer! Be it poetry, music, editorials, whatever… Im a writer at heart. The funny thing about that is it only took me about 10 minutes to write. I’ve been blessed with the ability to easily express myself with eloquence whenever I need to get my point across to the masses. I have my mother and father to thank for that. I’ve been trying my hand at directing videos lately and I have found out Im really good at coming up with treatments and overseeing the direction of visuals. Thats something I want to try my hand at more.

P.S. I cant dance for shit… but I’ll two-step the hell out of a song!

[BMW]Your song “On My Job” won the contest, it seems since it’s release that track has been very well received, why do you think that is?

Its something that everyone can relate to. No matter what walk-of-life you may be from, you can respect “The Grind”. When Kniseburgh gave me that beat from INFO Productions, I set out to make a song that all of my people could relate to. I wanted to be the song people play on their way to work and the song hustlers could bang in the whip while they make moves. So far it has been exactly that.

[BMW] You are part of a group The JSP (Justuce Street Poets), we see groups break up all the time, The Fugees, Wu-Tang, Little Brother, OutKast, Goodie Mob etc. Do you think that this is inevitable? What can be done to avoid breaking up & what do you think causes artists to go in different directions?

I think its important for each artist to have their own identity outside of the group entitiy. Also, each artist has to be talented enough to carry the weight to be solo on their own. That way no one is being overshadowed and no one needs the other. Being in a group is like a marriage. You’re going to have fights about money, progression, responsibilty, accountabilty, and all of that. But love, respect, and honesty is the glue that keeps it together. I pray The JSP never breaks up because we are family outside of music, and I doubt we ever will.

[BMW] Outside of your team what artist or group have caught your ear recently and why?

As far as Pittsburgh wise Im going to name a few artists I feel have the potential to make it in the music industry on a national level. The reasons are talent, production, concepts, image, work ethic, and potential for longevity. These groups/artists are as follows: Lazy JP, Kweilynn Greene, Clara Kent, Phresh Larosa, K-Pound, Young Midas, Big Lyfe, Tha OvaNostra, MAC Cartel, Burghtown, M. Tomlin, and Bolo. I listen to all those artists as a FAN! If I had a label I’d sign ‘em all.

[BMW] What sets your music apart from everything else being created right now?

The fact that everyone in The JSP are so different as far as content, persona, and moxie. The simple fact that we are able to blend all of our personalities together to make the music we do is something rare and special. This is a once in a lifetime thing we got going on and Im going to do everything in my power to make sure it reaches the world. Our story is so unique. I love the influence we have on other groups in the region. They try to mimick our formula and stage show in hopes it will work for them too. The response from the people isnt the same though. Pittsburgh respects the originators. They lack the creative mind we have.

[BMW] Are you a “Pittsburgh Rapper” or a “Rapper from Pittsburgh”?

Im a “rapper from Pittsburgh”. I never set out to make music for just my neighborhood or city. We have a message that the world can relate to.

[BMW] For you is there a creative musical process that you go through when making songs or entire projects? Is there a system or structure?

When we begin making a project we collect all of the production first before we start writing. That way we can make sure the project has a “feel” to it. Then we……. I’m sorry but I cant tell you anymore… I’ve already said too much! Our recipe is secret. LOL.

[BMW]We actually had a semi-debate about 2Chainz > Future, obviously neither is very lyrical or at least not known for lyrics, what artists do you respect solely for their lyrical content?

Locally? LuckyFace Dollars and ChaRon Don. Nationally? Lupe Fiasco. Theres of course my all-time favs like NaS, Big Pun, Scarface, and Bun B as well.

[BMW]Who would you say are the best 5 music artists of all time? ( Not just hip hop) and why?

Earth Wind & Fire, Wu-Tang Clan, Stevie Wonder, Notorious B.I.G., and OutKast would be me Top 5 All-Time spreading across genre lines. All of them make timeless music that cannot be duplicated. Each one of these artists have  touched my personal life separately as well. I can recall an instance where each one of them has had a song (or several), and when I hear it, its like a time machine taking back to a certain event in my life. I remember cutting school to go get OutKast’s Aquemini. I remember the first time I heard “I’ll Write A Song For You” by EWF. I recall opening up for the entire Wu-Tang Clan when they came to Pittsburgh. I remember seeing Stevie Wonder live at Mellon Arena. I remember how “Friend Of Mine” by Biggie reminded me of run-ins with females I had as a teenager! Those are some of the events that shaped me.

[BMW] Put together the perfect group for us, what artists, what producer? What era of music? What genre?

This is a hard one. I’d take mid-90s Rza for production. Late 90s hip-hop as my era of music.And as for my artists, I’d take Andre 3000, Big Pun and Eminem.

[BMW] How do you feel about the changes technology has forced on the music industry?

Technology has made things easier than ever before in this era of hip-hop, and thats a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that there are artists that are truly gifted that may have never been heard because there may not have been a budding music scene or many opportunities in their area. With this technology some people can take the time to master their craft and use social media, digital outlets to get their music to thousands, if not millions of people. The producer that doesnt have enough money to buy an MPC can get a computer program, master it, and produce Grammy-nominated beats now. The bad thing is that hip-hop has become extremely over-saturated with hobby rappers and that makes it difficult for the fans to discern who has quality music from who doesnt. Theres no artist development anymore. There are no gatekeepers in hip-hop anymore and the culture and fans suffer beacause of it.

[BMW] What are your thoughts on the entire “pay to play” situation from an artist’s point of view?

I think its a necessary evil in underground hip-hop. Some promoters are just breaking even when throwing these events and paying a performance fee is kind of like all artists on the bill chipping in to pay for the venue. Now if its a situation where the promoter isnt promoting and there isnt an opportunity to gain new fans, and youre rapping to a room full of rappers, youre wasting your time. Those shows are a proving grounds of sorts for us up and coming artists. They are practice for those bigger venues we all hope to rock during our careers. There is a point to where you outgrow these types of shows however, and The JSP has recently reached that.

[BMW]What if anything at all would you give up rap for right now? Why?

I’d have to completely fall out of love with hip-hop to stop making music right now and I dont see that happening  nytime in the near future.

[BMW] What can the brainiacs look forward to from Cory Eaux in the near future?

The JSP is currently working on our 5th group project entitled “Magnanimous”. Its features about 85% of it production from YMCMB producer INFO Productions. Me and Kniseburgh have the Ho Bang! project “Let The Life Happen” slated to drop after that. Ceno’s long awaited “Alleyz N Cutz” is almost finished as well. LuckyFace Dollars is working on his 2nd solo project “Dream Merchant” and Kniseburgh’s “The Winner Tactics” is in its embyonic stages. I’m also about 4 songs deep into my next solo, which is currently untitled.

[BMW] Anything you would like to say to the fans?

***SUPPORT PITTSBURGH HIP-HOP*** and be on the look out for “Magnanimous”!!!


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