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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Blast Off Clothing

blast off clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Blast Off Clothing

A while ago I was on twitter and I heard something about a new clothing line in the Pittsburgh area. Now if you know anything about the Pittsburgh area you know there is an abundance of 5 things Bars, Rappers, Clothing Lines & Yinzers. So when I first saw tweets from Blast Off Clothing I was interested in seeing whether they were just another t-shirt line here to make a quick buck and vanish or if they were in this for the long haul. I was able to catch up with the owner Bobby and pick his brain. Check out this week’s Trend Setter Tuesday interview with Blast Off Clothing.

What is Blast Off Clothing? (BOC)? What area is BOC based out of?
[BOC] Blast Off Clothing is an contagious urban up and coming line. Were the side of the moon that you don’t see on! We are out of Pittsburgh, PA       

How did this all begin? What sparked the interest in designing?
[BOC] Man, this been going through my mind for a while now. I went to school for graphic design and got my degree in that, and then I went on and bettered my degree in business management. I sat down and followed a few up and coming lines to see what they was doing, what was going good for them, and what they were doing wrong. So when we would start up, we would be 10steps ahead.

From where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
BOC]I’ll see what people are wanting from us via twitter and what not, and from there I’ll go on with my creation process. Sometimes you have to relax your mind because it’s racing so much, but once that happens. Its blast off time!

What or who is your target audience? Do you see that changing?
[BOC] Honestly, right now our target audience is anybody. We follow and are here for everyone. We want everyone to love what we are doing, and rep us as much as possible. Down the road we might get more narrow on people that would rock our shit. But all in all we will always be here for the people.

What products do you carry? Any plans for expanding the line? If so what could be added?
[BOC] Products right now are tee’s. The summer release will have some tanks for both girls and guys, as well as hoodies in the fall plus some v-necks, thermals, etc. We plan to do some jewelry, as well as some hats, and maybe even push out a girls clothing line as well!

What separates you from the other clothing lines? How is Blast Off unique?
[BOC] A lot of clothing lines just have you know, ordinary simple shit on their clothes, which is cool, but our line is coming from the heart you feel me? Were unique because we ask the fans what they want, and then we go in and twist it up, cook it up, and see what we create. Once that’s done, and the people see. It’s a wrap.

GQ Magazine listed Pittsburgh as the third worst dressed city in America. What are your thoughts on that?
[BOC] Well, I actually never even heard of that, but there are a bunch of different aspects that you have to take into consideration for that. One, They weren’t wearing Blast Off, Two Pittsburgh is so big, that they were probably basing that on just a little section that nobody even goes to.

It seems as though the Music and Fashion industries go hand and hand. We see plenty of recording artists release clothing lines and many brands using artists to promote their product. Is this something you are looking to do?
BOC] Yeah man for sure. We actually sent out some gear to a few people. This includes some of the Taylor Gang, Tollybandz, SCR, Ty$, Lil D, and that’s just a few to name. Just seeing them have our gear on is a blessing. As I look at it, the more that is reppin’ our line, and feeling us, other people will see and catch on. Blast off is the next movement!

Do you think technology has had an effect on the fashion industry? If so what?
[BOC] The Internet has givin each independent clothing line a start to promote, as well as be seen in a wider fashion state. So yeah, for sure. Technology came a long way. Usually you had to go into stores to see clothes and what not, and was scared to buy online. But, now with how technology came along, you can just go online to see it. So not only are people saving money from going out and seeing the stuff, but you can just sit online, buy it, tweet it or whatever and more and more people will see it!

With the recent change in global economic climate, what have you done to make sure Blast Off remains competitive and operational?
[BOC] With how everything is working out, were not here to gouge people pockets, or buy people to rock our gear man. We keep our prices right in the medium with everyone else, while using the same if not better brands of clothes. You see most of the lines out right now, just wantin ya money, well were out here to make friends, get our gear out there, and get this going all over the world over making money. Sometimes you have to be smart the way you choose it but with how the economy is in a downfall right now, we are trying to establish a connection with our fan base!

When someone makes the decision to purchase and then wear something from the Blast Off label what does that say about them?
[BOC] From our stand point, there F*cking cool!. You buying/repping our stuff, and rocking it to show other people. That’s awesome. That shows us we are doing stuff right, and you  on our team!

Beyond the obvious goal of gaining financially, what are some of the bigger goals for your line for the next 6-12 months??  What about long-term?
[BOC] Within the next 6-12 months, we plan to have at least 3-4 more drops. That could be almost 7-10 different shirts. Planning on doing some hats, and like I said get a line out there for the females. Long term. Like to get into maybe a few stores, have millions of people seeing and wearing our stuff. And always waiting for us to drop the next best thing!

Every line has a signature piece, Ralph Lauren’s bread and butter has been their 2 button short sleeve oxford (polo) shirt. What do you believe yours will be?
[BOC] Every piece could be our signature piece. But this future project I’m working on right now I believe could be a signature piece. I don’t want to release too much information. But all I can say is, we are working with a playboy model to be on the shirt, and its going to be ILL!

More than anything else how do you want the line to be remembered?
[BOC] Were here to make quality clothes, and that we are not here to cheat people we’re here to treat people. Establish a fan base. Remember Blast Off as if it were you that touched the moon. Blast Off or Blast Off

How can people get their hands on Blast Off Clothing is it in any stores? If so where?
[BOC]As of right now, Blast Off is only Available online at www.blastoffline.com. We are looking to get into some boutiques, as well as other online stores.
Twitter @blastoffline
FB: www.facebook.com/blastoffline
Slogan = “Were on the side of the moon, that you don’t see on

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