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The Documentary 2.5 The Game

Album Review: “The Documentary 2.5” by Blade Brown

The Documentary 2.5

Artist: The Game
Album: “The Documentary 2.5

Now this is what I’m talking about. When The Game announced that The Documentary 2 would be a double disc, it was clear that one disc would be better than the other. With the exception of Diplomatic Immunity & 2Pac’s greatest hits, most rap albums that are double disc have one disc that is significantly better than the other. With the unconventional release of the first disc coming out, then the album’s second disc coming out one week later, it was almost a guarantee that one disc would be better than the other. What wasn’t expected, was how much better The Documentary 2.5 would be than The Documentary 2.

After a intro that details his infamous shootout with G-Unit outside of Hot 97 in 2005, the album gets going with “Magnus Carlsen”. A track named after the Norwegian chess player, who became a grandmaster at the age of 13. A nod that seemingly says The Game is always a step ahead of his peers. A smooth opening song, which is an approach he’s never taken before. So instantly, you know there will be something different about this album. The album picks up some bounce with “Crenshaw/80s and Cocaine”. Game is a perfect fit for the track and the chorus makes it one of his more catchy tunes in years. Just as the other half were on the first disc, the remaining members of Black Hippy, Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q are on the second disc, lending their talents to the hard hitting “Gang Bang Anyway”. Nas and Will.I.Am are featured on maybe the best song on the album, “The Ghetto”. The two rarely disappoint when they’re on a track together, and this is no exception, as its arguably their best collaboration to date.

YG, Problem and Ty Dolla $ign help make “Up On The Wall” a gangsta party. A fun and energetic track with a great sample of Kool and The Gang’s classic, “Get Down On It”. King Mez, Justus and Jon Connor, who all were heavily featured on Dr. Dre’s “Compton” album earlier this year, shows and shows out on “Moment Of Violence”. Busta Rhymes shows up and provides the hook for Like Father Like Son 2. The song is just as good as the original that was the closing song on The Game’s debut album. The song has an added bonus, as his sons Harlem & King Justice both appear on the track. Which may give it a slight edge over the original.

The album is very solid. With the exception of a few songs and unnecessary skits, the record is a strong body of work. Yes, there are plenty of features. And while I would like to listen to a Game album that doesn’t sound like a compilation, at this point in his career, you know exactly what you’re gonna get when you purchase his project. While disc one was average at best, disc 2 definitely shows that Game is still on top of his game. No pun intended. And with the west coast rap scene being as strong as its been since the 90s, The Game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hate it or love, he’s still on top. Pun intended.

Rating: 8/10

Top 5 Songs
Crenshaw/80s & Cocaine
The Ghetto
Like Father Like Son 2
Gang Bang Anyway
Moment Of Violence

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brandonw • October 20, 2015

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