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Album Review: Logic “The Incredible True Story” by Blade Brown

Artist: Logic
Album: “The Incredible True Story

Its no secret that Logic is one of my favorite MCs. The 25 year old Maryland native is easily one of the best lyricist in the game. He’s so good, he sparked a heated debated amongst Lupe Fiasco and DJ Peter Rosenberg, with Lupe feeling that Logic was a better rapper than Kendrick Lamar. While that would be a interesting debate, there’s no debating that Logic has delivered a solid follow up to his acclaimed debut album.

The album has a very cool theme to it. Set one hundred years into the future after earth has become uninhabitable, the remaining five million people alive live on a space station as they steadily search for planets to live on. After a probe discovers a planet they’ve named “Paradise”, a ship with two pilots, Thomas and Kai are sent out to see if the planet is habitable. While on the trip, the two are listening to music from the past. Logic’s second album, “The Incredible True Story“.

Don’t worry, the album is not all about space travel. The story is told throughout skits on the album. But the album is just full of good music. The album’s lead single “Young Jesus” finds Logic and Big Lenbo trading bars back and forth reminiscent of Big Pun & Fat Joe on “Deep Cover”. “Innermission” finds Logic dwelling on the past. Specifically his friend who’s incarcerated and the way music helped him get through his hardships. “Fade Away” is a great record. Logic is at his best on this track as he’s ever been and he shines over the cinematic like production. “I Am The Greatest” sounds somewhat like Drake’s “Worst Behavior”, but its a much better song in the end. If you were looking for a “club song” on the album, this is probably the closest thing to it. The album’s title track is the last song, and is easily my favorite. Logic blends his double time speed delivery with harmonizing his voice to make the a song that is sonically a fitting conclusion to the audio motion picture he’s created.

The album isn’t as good as last year’s debut, but that doesn’t take away from the brilliance of this record. With flawless production and stellar lyrics throughout, the album is another solid release in what has been a incredible year for rap music. Sophomore slump? Not even close.

Rating: 8/10

Top 5 Songs
The Incredible True Story
Fade Away

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brandonw • December 23, 2015

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