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Zac Flewids – “Meet You There”

After his last single “iiiKnow” garnered over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud with little to no promotion, Zac took a break from releasing music to work on perfecting his craft. He spent the last 6 months creating as much content as humanly possible – writing, producing, mixing, and mastering. Now with fresh confidence and inspiration, Zac is gearing up to release a slew of content throughout 2017. His first single “Meet You There” is one of those songs that will leave you singing the hook long after it ends and is a perfect demonstration of the many layers of Flewids’ talent. Singing on the hook, rapping on the verses, and blowing everyone away with his ability to write such meaningful lyrics at his age, Zac is a force of nature that won’t be stopped by any obstacles. Keep your eyes open for more content from Zac Flewids in the near future!

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meet you there

M.Anderson • February 3, 2017

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