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[ Video ] Weliqgreenoes “OWTM” (ObsessedWithTheMoney)

New video from Weliqgreenoes “OWTM” (ObsessedWithTheMoney)

R@yDio (First name – Ray): Producer & Vocals

From San Diego, California, R@yDio has been producing and working on his mixtapes for several years now. He is apart of another group named “Da Faculty.” Though not signed to any record label, R@yDio is a humble artist who works with other artists in his community to make great music. He is known locally in his community and is well respected by others. His passion for rapping as well as sampling and/or creating beats without charging people has shown a great deal of love from other people and friends. He also teaches other artists on how to sound and be a complete lyricist. His most acquired attribute would be the style and unique way in which he flows being able to switch his tempo during a song. R@yDio currently resides in the bay area (Northern California) in which he has his own studio enabling him to master his own music and focus on creating good music. R@yDio has appeared in several venues in the bay area opening for local artists

SeanPierre (First name – Sean): Vocals

From: Palmdale, California, SeanPierre has been writing lyrics and rapping for a long period of time. SeanPierre has already opened for local artists at several venues in San Francisco, and San Jose as an independent artist. SeanPierre and R@yDio started their rap journey together about a decade ago making music gaining knowledge and skills through time to develop great delivery and change of tone in his lyrics to make his music more interesting. Together R@yDio and SeanPierre are the founders and creators of Weliqgreenoes which started couple of years ago. SeanPierre has a passion for rapping which shows through his many mixtapes he has recorded and produced solo wise. SeanPierre currently resides in the bay area (Norther California) and is also known locally in his community.

Turnz (First name – Charles): Vocals & Marketing

From: San Diego, California, Turnz has been writing poetry since he was an adolescent. He has a wide range of words and vocabulary that can create catchy “hooks”. Some people compare him to Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) when coming up with choruses because he can easily listen to a beat and come up with something no one has done or thought of before. Turnz, R@yDio, and SeanPierre all met each other about a decade ago around the same time. Music has always been the center of their friendship and all three rappers decided to be a group due to the history and talent and hard work they all contribute to their songs. Turnz also contributes to the group through his marketing and advertising skills being able to promote Weliqgreenoes so people can acknowledge and see the different attributes Weliqgreenoes has to offer. Turnz currently resides in San Diego, California and travels to the bay area (Northern California) on a consistent basis to stay committed to the group.

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brandonw • October 23, 2013

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