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[ Video ] Varyus Waise “She Knows” w/Jeanette Berry

The ‘She Knows’ music video gives a visual account of the lyrics that hip-hop artist and activist Varyus Waise wrote to discuss the plight women go through as artists in the hip-hop community, in relationships and as young girls growing up. While he loans his voice to women’s issues, he decided it would be a much more powerful statement to have no male faces in the video so the focus is on the emotion each of the characters display as they each cross paths with one another.
‘She Knows’ starts with an depiction of the misogyny and stress that female hip-hop artists face in their attempts to grow their art and pursue greater platforms of success. It later shows a young woman who is living with an abusive lover and how she overcomes. The video ends with a young girl who is taken to a party by her older sister and the dangers she faces while there.
Featuring cameos by R&B artists Jeanette Berry and Azania, hip-hop artist Denise Jasmine and media personality Tasty Keish of TKintheAM, ‘She Knows’ is directed by hip-hop artist, producer and filmmaker Incksalonius, produced by hip-hop artist and activist Varyus Waise.


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brandonw • June 6, 2013

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