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[Video] Traff the Wiz, “Hey”

Video Traff the Wiz, “Hey”


Missoula, Montana emcee Traff the Wiz presents the Chris Balboni-directed music video for “Hey”, the Twice Daily-produced newest single from Traff’s new album Traffghanistan. Described as “Wu-Tang Clan meets Talib Kweli” by the Missoula Independent, he began rapping “out of lack of anything better to do”, as he puts it. Upon moving to Missoula from his hometown of Troy, he started performing solo as well as with his band Traffic Jam before going on to tour with Abstract Rude, Myka 9 and more alongside his group Zoo Effort“I tried to include in my lyrics everything that I’ve heard throughout the years regarding politics, war, natural disasters, philosophy, national debt, the evils of fame, the media, gay rights, love, hate, friends, overcoming the monster, astronauts, fires and fallen Hip-Hop Gods, who seem to get more recognized after they die,” says Traff about the song. “I’m very proud of this track now and it will always be a major part in the heart of my transformation as an M.C.” Traffghanistan features Ruthless Data, Tonsofun, The Codependents, Hotrock, Shadow and Rude and is available now on Traff’s Bandcamp page.

Visit: http://traffthewiz.com
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brandonw • January 9, 2013

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