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[ Video ] Tolly “Trilogy”

New video from up & coming artist Tolly! Check out “Trilogy

Raised in the Larimer section of Pittsburgh,Pa as a product of the streets, Tolly brings to life the authenticity and grit of a hardened street rapper mixed with the style and flow of a well traveled musician.Tolly’s showmanship is known throughout the nation because of his contributions to tours staged by major artist from Pittsburgh such as Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa whom hold Tolly in high regaurd. His resilience in the streets shines through in his music, a survivor of 7 gunshot wounds, the death of his brother, law enforcement and people
trying to take advantage of his success, Tollys music embodies the struggle of every person in the streets searching for a better life.


Twitter: @TollyBandz

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brandonw • November 18, 2013

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