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[Video] sOuL and Woodstock “Gil Scott Tribute”

Video sOuL and Woodstock “Gil Scott Tribute”

 “Gil Scott Tribute” is the latest release from the collaborative forces of sOuL and Woodstock, and a video blog session recording with Headnodic. Recorded in one take Woodstock plays the beat live on his MPC, sampling the late great Gil Scott Heron’s “We Almost Lost Detroit”, recreating some of Hip-Hop’s past interpretations of the original sample while creating his own altogether. With the combination of sOuL bouncing political and cultural commentary that is part news hour and personal struggle, and Headnodic’s cinematic lens, Gil Scott Tribute pays homage to the poet, while embodying his example to speak truth.

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"Gil Scott Tribute"sOuL and WoodstockVideo

brandonw • January 17, 2013

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