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[Video] SDSC (Amsterdam & Detroit – Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) “Ooh La La” (Teaser)

Today Stereo Crew & Soul Daad send a “Happy 420” from Detroit and Amsterdam!
“Ooh La La” will be the first single off their collaboration “Amstertroit”, and you can check out the trailer today. The track was produced by Soul Daad’s Vice Vic who sampled the classic “Fu-Gee-La”. Of course, being released on 420 and coming from Amsterdam, you can imagine what “Ooh La La” is about. But see for yourself.
Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam’s Soul Daad recently to produce and record their EP “Amstertroit”. The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats and ideas. Amazed by the undeniable talent coming from overseas, the Stereo Boyz picked 3 beats by Soul Daad members Gianski & Bolle for their upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”.
During their recent Europe Tour, the Stereo Boyz met the Soul Daad crew in person for the first time, and after a whole week in the Amsterdam headquarters, “Amstertroit” was born. The EP consists of production and vocals from both crews, bilingual raps and great chemistry.
“Amstertroit” will be released for free download in May, which is also when the full video to “Ooh La La” can be viewed.




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brandonw • May 8, 2013

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