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[ Video ] REAIN “Soul Food for Thought”

This is the title track off of the E.P. by DJ VR and Reain. The concept for the song, as the title suggests, encourages the listener to think in more depth about hip hop music, its more commercial artists in particular; human morals; and individual influence. The track discusses the moral decline in humanity and how this is reflected in hip hop and throughout human society. However, it is not too late for a change, he suggests, as ‘It’s our world, we’re spinning it. We could have a big turnaround if we all do a little bit!’

The video, directed and edited by Yvan Durraive at Dirtybet Entertainment, depicts the dark and light elements of the song. This is highlighted by the black and white face paint feature, which represents the sombreness of the beat and the general mood contrasted by the enlightenment of the lyrics and the overall message.

The track opens with the lyrics ‘Four beats to the bar but it’s not a song, it’s a conversation…’ and we find Reain often seated in the video which does give it a real conversational feel, like he is sitting down talking to the viewers/listeners. DJ VR’s use of percussion is a real highlight for this song, giving it a mystic and jazz-like ambiance. On that note, look out for the great wall painting of the legendary John Coltrane.
One serving of Soul Food for Thought coming up. Enjoy!


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brandonw • July 12, 2013

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