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Rap Battle: Drunkenness vs Self Control (S.L.A.P. Battle League)

The concept for S.L.A.P., which stands for “Showing Love, Applying Pressure,” was the brain child of Everette “Pop” Moore of the JustHis League. As opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, S.L.A.P. requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue. Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, S.L.A.P. brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love. In addition, S.L.A.P. presents truth and ministry through the themes of the battles.

So in this battle we have Drunkenness going against Self Control. Warborn as Drunkenness vs Rico as Self Control.

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brandonw • January 11, 2015

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