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[Video] Rahiem Supreme “Eyes Wide Shut” (Prod by. Crank)

Since Tre’ Banks presented the “Swag Genie” EP , a collaborative project between Washington DC’s Rahiem Supreme and Virginia based producer CRANK, people have responded greatly to the new persona and sound that comes from this project! The first video from this project “Get The Cash” showed a more braggadocios side of the Swag Genie. Here he displays the controversial side of the Swag Genie with “EYES WIDE SHUT”.
The video comes at a perfect time in regards to the recent tragedy in Boston and all the theories that are coming with the media stories.

DL+ Streamhttps://soundcloud.com/prodbycrank/sets/rahieme-supreme-swag-genie-ep 

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brandonw • April 23, 2013

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