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[Video] Pale Rider (Deacon 87 of ’87 Stickup Kids & Silvamore), “Moroccan Hash”

Seattle-based emcee Deacon 87 of ’87 Stickup Kids and Boston producer Silvamore are Pale Rider, presenting the Shawn Collins-directed music video for “Moroccan Hash”, the new single from their collaboration EP Hallways. ’87 Stickup Kids’ last release was Car Keys & Rabbits’ Feet, and Silvamore’s last was A Disturbing New Trend. “We met through the internet due to a mutual admiration for each others’ music,” explains Deacon. “Silva started sending me beats, the result of which is Hallways. Silva came up with the vision for the ‘Moroccan Hash’ clip in a fever dream and enlisted the help of Shawn Collins to bring his hallucination to life.”

 video at youtube.com/watch?v=f-pL7qlgWiE
download HALLWAYS at paleriderxxx.com
Pale Rider on Twitter | The Deacon on Twitter | Silvamore on Twitter

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brandonw • November 16, 2012

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