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[ Video ] MC Bravado “Move On 2.0”


“Move On 2.0” is the second single off MC Bravado’s “The Darwin Files” mixtape ( a 25 song free DL available via MCBravado.Bandcamp.com ). The video for the track was shot and directed by Andrew Bryan of “Fill in the Brand”, who used video reinforcement to highlight some of the many references used by MC Bravado in the song. True lyricism is a lost art and MC B has it in spades; “Move On 2.0” helps provide the visual evidence that will coax listeners that aren’t in the know to approach stomaching his tunes with a heightened attention to detail. Bravado himself boldly underlines the point in a blunt and snarky manner: “Shouts to Mac Lethal, this ain’t Mac Miller, cuz I lack filler.”


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brandonw • July 2, 2013

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