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[Video KTSB & Malcom Anthony “Cool It Down”

A true artist at heart, KTSB perfectly represents the new vanguard of hip hop – positive, clever, hyper literate and professional. While constantly striving to improve himself, this socially progressive youth makes a valiant effort to channel his past, the tumultuous televised present, and his foreseen future, to change the lives of audiences of all ages in the world around him through his artistry. His music promotes the consciousness of social growth and unity in the moment and he believes in propagating a healthy and sustainable future for mankind through art, design, music, and community involvement, that encourages the work ethic and lifestyle in our people, and youth conducive to that same purpose. In reality, the words speak for themselves..

Download KTSB’s new mixtape¬† “TUTANKHAMEN” found here,¬†http://www.reverbnation.com/khaimthesupremeblack/song/16231748-tutankhamenka

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brandonw • March 6, 2013

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