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[ Video ] IAMAlina “Back For You”

Check out the visual from singer/songwriter IAMAlina “Back To You”.

Twitter: @alinovich
Website: iamalina.com
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IAMAlina is the stage name of Alina Chelaru bornin Focsani a little town from Romania. She is the only child od Anisoara and Cristian Chelaru . SInce early age she studied piano and classical music ( from the first school year untill college) , then at the age og 13 started to write her first songs. At the same age she performed for the first time as an opening act for a romanian big star which is Angela SImilea. In her highschool period made several appearce into local venues and won a special prize at the natioanl festival Florentin Delmar. She got sign by a small label from Bucarest in 99 and during that time she had appeareances on national television . in 2003 she decided to leave her country for not matching anymore in the romanian artistic life.
She came to Italy and started all over again with music classes, gigs in Rome . In 2006 she won a scolaship at the Berklee College of Music of boston but unfortunelly she never went there for personal reasons.
In the world when nobody knoks on your door and ask you if you want to be a superstar ,Alina was ready to create her own fortune and by the end of 2012 her life was about to change : she startinng by selling her house and invest all the money in her music and image.
IAMAlina ( I am Alina) was born and the first climse of quality music entertaiment was the participation at the Grammys in feb 2013 , and then she had the idea that could change her life :creating a show just for her in Rome with a Grammys flavour in which she will present her first recording album ALINA. And she did. On june 7th at the Quirino Theatre of Rome IAMAlina presented the album from her point of view with the stage full of musician form all over the country , dancers and visual lights

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brandonw • August 8, 2013

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