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[ Video ] Freddee T, “Shadows on the Wall”

Shadows on the Wall is the first video from the 40 year expansive career of Freddee T., aka Freddee Towles. Shadows is a look back for Freddee at his past and about how no matter where life takes you, the past is always following right behind you.
It is refreshing to hear a unique mixture of R&B, Funk, and Electronica in today’s music world. Singer Freddee T. from Ohio is determined to bring this exciting sound to the mix with his new release, “Shadows on the Wall”.
Hailing from Cleveland, Freddee is no stranger to the world of Rock and Roll. His fusion of Soul and Rock brings a fresh new sound to the music universe. He is heavily influenced by a wide range of artists from Al Green to Pavarotti. Freddee holds a classical music background with training in Vocal and Violin Performance.
“Shadows on the Wall” is the highly anticipated debut song and video from Freddee T., also known as Freddee Towles. The song focuses on his past, emphasizing the how past events tend to follow behind you, no matter where you are in life.
Freddee’s career is moving in a steadily forward motion. His desire to impact the world with his music and message continues to fuel his drive today. Freddie’s recent collaborations include artists such as Rod Stewart, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Aerosmith.
“Shadows on the Wall” is available on CD Baby, Amazon and eMusic.

Twitter: @freddeet

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brandonw • July 11, 2013

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