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[ Video ] Fleeta Partee “Dirtyrugz”

Seattle rapper Fleeta Partee presents the Notework-directed music video for “DirtyRugz”, the Bean One-produced single from Fleeta’s new album LifeMuzik Deux featuring Drake/Kendrick Lamar/50 Cent/De La Soul/DOOM producer Jake One, Vitamin D, TT, C-Note and Lord Sith. A child of Black Panther party members, Fleeta portrays his “big uncle” C.D. P. Green in “Dirtyrugz and the three trailers leading up to the video: “Hygiene 101” (watch), “The Seattle Shuffle” (watch) and “Mackin Lessons 101” (watch). “‘Dirtyrugz’  is slang/euphemism for drugs,” says Fleeta. “The term ooriginated from the big homie Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces. A dirty rug can be used to mask aesthetically unappealing  spots in one’s living space,as are drugs used to mask ones pain, anger, or sadness in their life. In the song ‘Dirtyrugz’ I give you true tales of drugs and the effect it had on my family as well as the community I grew up in -the central district of Seattle.”

trailer 1: “Hygiene 101” trailer 2: “The Seattle Shuffle” | trailer 3: “Mackin Lessons 101”
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brandonw • March 28, 2014

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