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[ Video ] Enzo Custom Cycles Presents The “In My Sight” Cypher (Part 1)

In My Sight is a music management company based out of Austin, founded by Dru Fay, and features a roster of diverse, original, and talented solo artists. The starting five for this dream team, who were all Official SXSW 2014 Artists, consists of Eric White, Dru Fay, Junior, Matty Dee, and DJ D-Best. Drawing a comparison from the world of comics, #InMySight is much like the Avengers , a collection of artists who all have a specific “powers” so to speak. Eric White with his songwriting and content, Matty Dee with his delivery and energy,Junior with is punchlines and tempo, Dru Fay with his business savvy, and DJ D-Best who is a master on the turntables.

Twitter: @drufay | @iam40s | @ericwhitemws | @CAPITALJR

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brandonw • March 26, 2014

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