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[Video] D-WHY “Flattery”

After the success of his road-tripping music video for “2,000 Miles,” genre-bending music artist D-WHY is back with another cinematic piece. For the visuals for “Flattery” off of his debut project, Don’t Flatter Yourself, he chose a less joyous way to tell the story. This time, David “D-WHY” Morris takes on a James Bond-like character whose female companion gets into the wrong hands. Little did they know, Morris is the one not to be messed with.
Fitted with an ensemble from one of the finest suitmakers in the world, Brioni, along with other pieces from his own wardrobe, the self-dressed man and unsigned music artist is continuing with the monochrome, action-packed series he began with his “New York Times” video last summer. Here’s what Morris had to say about “Flattery”:
“When it comes to my music, videos, and other artistic endeavors, I try to push the envelope. I don’t conform to what is expected. I want each song, each video, each piece of art to be it’s own entity. The “Flattery” song and video are a reflection of that. I love this song because it’s a true story from my life, and I think it’s a good example of who I am as an artist. It’s hard to label genre-wise, and I like that. The video for it just came to me one day after really listening to the lyrics. I’ve always fantasized about being James Bond—who hasn’t?—so it felt natural for me to incorporate and explore that vision in my music videos, starting with “New York Times” and continuing with “Flattery.” Maybe my character is the American son Bond never knew he had? Haha…We shot the video on virtually no budget and utilized friends for actors. Everyone involved acted as a producer to help facilitate the video. I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. A big thank you to everyone involved.” – D-WHY


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brandonw • April 10, 2013

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