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[ Video ] D.Focis “Born Loser”

Born Loser is the new single by Detroit Artist/Producer D.Focis. We are invited on a trip down memory lane, as D.Focis reveals some of his life growing up in Detroit, MI. Attending a dozen public schools led to constant issues with fighting and being bullied as the “new kid”, which created deep feelings of inadequacy, but this is no sad song. This is a celebration of all those who were born without a path to success, and respond by creating one of their own. Produced by D.Focis, the song is musically rich with emotion, and even manages to tastefully add a Country/Western feel towards the end…..very artfully done. This video is also D.Focis’ debut as a director.

“Born Loser” can be downloaded at www.dfocis.bandcamp.com The new album by D.Focis “Mystery of There” coming soon.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dfocismusic
Twitter: @dfocis
YouTube: www.youtube.com/dfocistv
Official Website: www.dfocis.com

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brandonw • August 20, 2013

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