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[Video] Cy Bravo “We Run It” (dir by King Tech of The Wake Up Show)

L.A. rapper Cy Bravo presents the music video for his new R.A.W Dawg-produced single “We Run It”. The clip is directed by King Tech, Sway’s partner on the pioneering hip-hop radio institution The Wake Up Show, and producer behind tracks featuring everyone from the RZA to Tech N9ne. Tech also cameos in the clip. Cuts are handled by West Coast legend Icy Ice. After years paying dues on the Los Angeles and NYC rap scenes, Cy caught the ears of Tech and Sway, who promptly teamed him up with R.A.W. Dawg, who produces all eight tracks on Cy’s forthcoming EP Enlist Or Perish. “‘We Run it’ was inspired by a European trip I took,” says Cy. “It’s a song about me and my boys traveling the world and gettin’ it in. Every lyric in this song is true! I wanted to show respect to the original ingredients of Hip Hop: an Emcee with a DJ. To be able to have a hall of famer like DJ Icy Ice on the cuts was amazing. To be able to have a legend like King Tech get involved and direct the video was incredible.”


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brandonw • December 4, 2012

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