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[ Video ] C Scharp “Critics” ft. Reks (prod. by Jon Glass)


The talented producer from Boston is releasing his new single to promote C-Sharp album to the thrill of his fans around the world.

Glasshouse Productions has released the next single produced by Jon Glass featuring talented vocalist C-Scharp, quickly following up their Glasshouse’s previous hit, Still Waiting (Wait For Me) featuring J’You. Jon Glass, who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, just put the final touches on the final mix literally a few weeks ago and is now preparing to delight his fans with his new smash single which he hopes will expand his fan base around the globe.

The new single, “Critics” features C-Scharp smoothly crooning and REKS dropping lyrical bombs over a smooth piano driven track produced by Jon Glass. Crisp drums and the lush melodies of C-Sharp drive this track right into the listener’s ears.

The single itself is both a return to the “Golden Era” and a glimpse into the future of hip hop/Soul. Soulful piano chords – played by C-Scharp himself- loop throughout the song, backed by driving drum tracks with custom kicks and snares that showcase the wide variety of influences in Jon’s life and music.

Jon has this to say about the single: “C –Scharp and I got in the studio and started messing around with different melodies, when I heard him bust out this riff and I knew we had to lay it down and bring the rest to life. After that the song was a wrap, Scharp had the chorus in minutes and we felt we had a hit. I love it too because it walks the line of R&B and rap. I’ve always loved that contrast on records and having Reks on it really was really a blessing. Reks has always been known around here as one of the realest dudes ever and an incredible world-renowned lyricist. Also DJ Erkel put the icing on the cake lacing the track with some subtle cuts to really take it back with a Golden Era feel as well as highlighting Lawrence, Mass, where both Reks and Scharp are from.”

C-Scharp is quoted as saying “This record “Critics” is a cross mix between Hip Hop and R&B with a Soul feel to it. This particular song has a significant personal meaning to me because it is the catalyst of a lot of emotions and issues I was dealing with at the time of writing this. I literally lost my entire music catalog by having a laptop and hard drive stolen from me. Over 8 years of hard work gone. This song was a way for me to vent my frustrations dealing with my loss of music.

I’d like to break any type of preconceived thoughts you might have had before about an unsigned artist.”

People are encouraged to follow Jon Glass on Twitter, keep in touch with him on Facebook, check out his Soundcloud page and visit his Youtube Channel for more information and to keep up on the latest news with Jon Glass and Glasshouse Productions.



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brandonw • June 15, 2013

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