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[ Video ] Big Willie Dynamite “Cannonball Rally”

Life gives everybody a chance to score, if you’re willing to take what it gives you and work. Big Willie Dynamite took that hand-off and weaved through detours, adversity and obstacles to deliver their second album, Joes vs Pros. JvP is a solid statement of that growth, gained yard by yard, foot by foot, and inch by painful inch.
Anyone that’s ever heard their debut album (Soul’s Reflection), knows that BWD makes raw, cutthroat Hip-Hop. Mondo has the sort of insight into the human condition, that belays his young age. An old soul, with a young thirst for scathing bars. Marc Stretch is what happens when you dump broken glass into a tornado. His only mission is to slice through any competition or concept that you put in front of him. DJ Ray (a.k.a. Rays the Bar) is the perfect engineer for this scenario. He’s managed to build a landscape that allows the emcees to run wild, while giving the listener a lush soundscape to enjoy all the while.
Joes vs Pros is the next step in the growth of 3 artists that are innately capable of relaying their life experiences to the listener in a colorful, heartfelt way. From the all out, west coast braggadocio anthem What’s New, to the life affirming reverence of Friday Night Lights, BWD takes you through life as focused under their microscope. Ballad of A Wing Man will make the most seasoned player look at their “career” in an honest way, while On The Go will show you how much the game has really changed for these MVPs.
So tighten up your cleats and strap up tight. Joes vs Pros is this year’s Super Bowl of Beats & Rhymes.
Play Ball!!

Twitter: @bigwilliemusic
Website: www.bigwilliedynamite.com/

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brandonw • December 19, 2013

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