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kai exos brainofbmw Music

[ UnHeard ] Kai Exos “Vigilante”

kai exos brainofbmw Music

I will maintain that Soundcloud is the best thing that happened to music since the internet. This song “Vigilante” by Kai Exos is the prime example of that. Earlier today I posted “Oh Lawwd!” by Emeka Ibe & this gem was the “Recommended” song. Caught me completely off guard & I’ve been impressed ever since. I’ve given them the “Team Walker Test” by letting my 13 year old daughter listen along with my 7 year old song well part of the test anyway because that only means 1/2 of “Team Walker” has heard it. So far I love it. my son hates it & my daughter thinks it’s cool but she was stuck on the title & why the song wasn’t literally about some Batman like character. Another reason why I love music is in certain situations it gives me the chance to pick my kid’s brains & get a glimpse into how they view things… Overall I am going to iTunes to buy this song & I’m sure my 13 year old will be ok with that… Now if only I can get the rest of the team to vibe with Kai Exos. ….

Twitter: @kaiexos

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brandonw • July 28, 2014

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