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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Manish Life Apparel

Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparal

Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel

What area is your clothing line based out of? How did it begin? What sparked the interest in designing?

Manish Life is based out of the Detroit area. I was called “Manish” often when I was younger because I always wanted to be a grown up too fast. So when I became an adult, someone called me “Manish” and brought back memories. Once that happen I made it my twitter name (Manish_Lee) and it stuck with me. I always wanted to do my own clothing line so while thinking of a name I wanted something that represented me and the way I live, but something others could relate to. I came up with “Manish Life” which to me stood for young people handling business in an adult manner. I figured it was something that different people could interpret in many different ways depending on their mindset. I’ve always kept up with fashion/the latest trends. The fact that it changes so much always kept my interest, so I decided to tie my shoes up and chase my dreams…
Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel
Is your line for everyone? What products do you carry?

Its funny you ask this because our slogan is actually “It’s Not 4 Everybody” We would like to think that it would pertain to everyone but there will always be those few that it doesn’t. We have sizes for men, women and Considering it represents something positive, we have children sizes available also. We currently carry Hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, T-shirts and more. We have sizes for men, women and kids also.

Any plans for expanding the current product line? If so any idea on what new products will be added
We are a fairly new company so we have major plans to expand our current product line in the near future. We would eventually like to add Hats, belts, underwear, pants/shorts, and skirt/dresses to our product listing just to name a few.

What separates your clothing from the other companies? How are you unique?

Our name, concept, and designs make us different from every company. Considering those 3 things are the top 3 biggest parts of any clothing line, you won’t find anything out there remotely close to the Manish Life brand.

We’ve noticed more companies are switching to organic cotton or even hemp, what fabrics are being used in most of your clothing? What do you think about making clothing that is more helpful to the environment?

Majority of our clothing is made with a Cotton/Poly blend. We are still fairly new so environmentally helpful clothing may be something we look into in our future.

With the recent economic change people seem to be spending less on newer brands & basically “Going for what they know” in what ways are you attracting semi-nervous & somewhat frugal new buyers?

Manish Life works hard to provide the best quality possible at the lowest price possible. We are aiming for longevity and in order to achieve that we need loyal customers. Our main foucs is keeping prices low, quality up, and showing our customers that Manish Life cares about them…. With that being said consumers will have no choice but to love this brand!!!
Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel
Price is very important to the consumer especially when they are buying something for the first time. How is a new customer getting their money’s worth when purchasing from you?

A new customer will see that our prices are really reasonable considering some of the other popular clothing out now. A new customer will also notice that we are very professional and ship our orders out in a very fashionable manner. We know first impressions last so we treat every purchase like it’s the customer’s first…

A formula many newer lines use is to give out clothing to celebs in hopes of that celeb actually wearing their brand & it catching on. What do you think of this marketing tactic? Is this something your company does?If so how successful has it been?

I’ve actually used this tactic and it has worked out for me pretty well, I’d say. This formula helped Manish Life get known in a lot of different states and had a big impact on the orders we’ve received from places like California, Georgia, and Nevada just to name a few. It was sorta like a jump start on getting our name out there. The more a brand is seen the more people get curious to know what it is.

Do you think technology has had an effect on the fashion industry? If so what?

Technology has definitely had an effect on the fashion industry. It allows companies to produce their product faster and more efficient. Also with the technology we have today, designs literally have no limits! Technology is something that will forever continue to grow as well as fashion. In my opinion they run hand and hand…

Every line has a signature piece Ralph Lauren & Nautica’s bread and butter has been their 2 button short sleeve oxford (polo) shirt. What do you believe yours will be? Is there any new piece of  that you’re excited for the world to see?

As of right now our biggest seller is Hoodies. Manish Life has sold hoodies literally year around. It was so shocking to see people ordering hoodies when it was 90 degrees outside. We are excited about our new designs dropping in December. We have a “Flight School” design for men, “It’s Not 4 Everybody” design for men and women, and also a “Lady Like” design for women. We are excited to see what type of response we get from them.
Trend Setter Tuesday Manish Life Apparel
Did you ever watch the HBO series “How to Make It in America”? If so has it been beneficial to you at all? What are your thoughts overall on the show?

I’ve actually never heard of this series. Maybe I’ll check it out

Beyond the obvious goal of gaining financially, what is the biggest goal for your line this year? What about long-term?

My biggest goal for Manish Life this year is to expand as far as getting orders from places I’ve never received orders from. I want Manish Life to be everywhere! Also this year I want to come with new designs for each season, and try to keep up with the new shoe release colors. Those are all things that I am working on as we speak. As far as long term, I would like to have Manish Life in multiple stores and also have a store of its own.

More than anything else how do you want the line to be remembered?

Simply, Forever!

Where can people purchase your clothing?

You can purchase Manish Life Apparel at ManishLifeApparel.com

Be sure to “like” www.facebook.com/ManishLifeLLC
Twitter: @ManishLifeLLC and @Manish_Lee
Instagram: @ManishLife and @Manish_Lee

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