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Top 10 90s Action Films by Blade Brown

The 90s were a fantastic decade for action movies. While the icons of the 80s were still very much prominent, a new wave of actors like Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage made big splashes in the action world. Two movies that won’t be on this list, are Braveheart & Heat. Heat is arguably the best movie I’ve ever seen. And while it has some great action sequences, its more of a thriller than a full blown action movie. As for Braveheart, I never was a big fan of that film. Judge me if you want. This is my article, not yours.

Without further ado, here’s my list for the best action movies of the 1990s.

*Honorable Mentions:
Speed” (1994)
Broken Arrow” (1996)
Independence Day” (1996)
The Last Boyscout” (1991)
Lethal Weapon 3” (1992)/”Lethal Weapon 4” (1998)

10. “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996)/”Desperado” (1995)
If you’ve never seen The Long Kiss Goodnight, you’re truly missing out on something special. Geena Davis stars as a suburban mother with amnesia, who’s past as a spy starts to come back and haunt her. Samuel L Jackson costars in one of his best roles. Desperado is director Robert Rodriguez’s breakout film about a lone mariachi player out for vengeance against the man responsible for his lover’s murder. Besides being a great gunslinger movie, this also was the world’s introduction to Selma Hayek. Thank You Based God!!!

9. “Con Air” (1997)
It might seem hard to believe, but Nicolas Cage wasn’t always the walking punchline his is today. Before he was known for funny memes and bad movies, he was a Oscar winning actor with a slew of hits on his resume. In this film he stars as a con who’s just finished his sentence and is about to be reunited with his family. Unfortunately, he’s on a plane with a criminal mastermind who’s hijacked the transport plane with help of other inmates.
8. “Demolition Man” (1993)
Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes star as enemies who are cryogenically frozen, only to be revived decades later to resume their war with each other. A rare villainous turn for Snipes, the movie is a blast and still holds up well to this day.Total_recall
7. “Total Recall” (1990)
Futuristic action movie about a man who wants to have memories of a spy implanted in his brain. Only to find out he already is a spy, and is living a fake life that his captors have designed. Widely regarded as one of the best sci fi movies ever made, this was another in a string of blockbusters from Arnold Schwarzenegger.


6. Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)
Even though this was a critical and box office success, I still feel like this movie is underrated. In this sequel, that should have been a direct sequel to the original, McClane matches wits with the brother of the madman he killed in the original. A great story and strong performances by Willis and Sam Jackson, makes this easily the best sequel in the franchise. And to some, its even the best film.

5. “Bad Boys” (1995)/”The Rock” (1996)
Michael Bay’s first two movies are probably the best he’s ever made. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith make what were at the time, drastic changes of pace to star as Miami detectives who are investigating a heroin heist, while also protecting a murder witness. A youthful spin on the buddy cop genre, that was detrimental to the future success both stars would have. The Rock is another Nicolas Cage gem. He stars as a chemical specialist who must travel to Alcatraz with a group of mercenaries to defuse a hostage situation. Sean Connery also stars in what many consider to be his last good movie before his retirement.

FaceOff_(1997_film)_poster4. “Face/Off “(1997)
John Travolta stars as FBI agent Sean Archer, who undergoes a experimental surgery to switch faces with a comatose crime lord (Nicolas Cage’s Castor Troy) in order to find a bomb he planted in the city. Things go awry when Castor awakes and assumes Sean’s identity. Both actors embody the other perfectly in this action packed spectacle.
True_lies_poster3. “True Lies” (1994)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron reteam in this action/comedy about a secret agent who’s double life he lives collide as his unsuspecting wife gets caught up in his newest mission. Tom Arnold provides great comedic relief as his wisecracking sidekick.
The_Matrix_Poster2. “The Matrix” (1999)
The spectacular first entry in the Matrix trilogy is without question the best. Keanu Reeves stars as Neo. A hacker who’s recruited by the mysterious Morpheus to assist in a war against the machines who have overtaken and enslaved the human race. A one of a kind extravaganza that has spawned several copycats over the years. None of which can compete with this ahead of its time masterpiece.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Arguably the best sequel ever made, this classic to the 1984 original star a returning Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg from the future. This time, he’s sent to protect Sarah Connor and her son John from a advanced terminator sent back to destroy them. You’d be hard pressed to find an action film from any decade better than this cinematic achievement. James Cameron improved on its predecessor in every way imaginable. Edward Furlong is sensational as the future leader of the resistance. The T-1000 is still better than most CGI released today, and Arnold is just as badass as he’s ever been. A true must see for any action junkie.

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