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[ The Distribution ] Zone “Ridin'”

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Zone is amongst the top artists emerging from Oklahoma. He is surely becoming a local favorite with an unfamiliar sound and style of most artists in this region. Becoming more and more popular, he releases the summer jam, “Ridin'” which is now getting rotation on the airwaves of radio stations. Not only going against the southern curse of being a non-lyricist, Zone uses catchy style and wordplay to capture most listeners attention. This fall he will be dropping another anticipated tape (E.A.T.: Eliminate All Troubles) to show that the notice in the growth is undeniable. With more and more releases, it’s safe to say Zone is heading in the right direction as to where he needs to be, and that’s what this industry is missing.

Website: www.iAMZONE.com
Twitter: @iBEZONE

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brandonw • July 3, 2013

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